Genetic Engineering Essay

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The course helps in understanding the article and major issues related to genetic engineering through various ways. First, it provides an understanding of the new direction taken by synthetic biology from the conventional focus on gene sequencing ("Extreme Genetic Engineering," 2007). Through this, the course promotes the identification and understanding of the role of genes found in nature. Secondly, the course provides information about traditional biotechnology, risks in synthetic biology, and genetic engineering.

Relation of the Article to Daily Life:

The link between the article and daily issues in life is understood based on the applications and uses of genetic engineering, which is the reason for interest in the article. It enables me to gain knowledge on how scientists and biologists understand the process with which living organisms develop and obtain their essential hereditary attributes ("Genetic Engineering," n.d.). The main issue covered by this article is related to the treatment of many wild diseases that have become common in today's society.

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First, it shows how genetic vaccines through genetic modification or engineering offers improved and safer therapies and preventives for diseases that are beyond the reach of medicine. Secondly, the possibility of genetic engineering to substitute an individual's defective genes and deal with viruses through introduction of proper genes is also mentioned. Third, information on how biologists can use genetic information to control some dimensions of human existence and behaviors are also discussed. These three issues are major problems in today's world that have significant impacts on people's life. Therefore, the scientific knowledge about the topic addressed in the article provides a way with which major issues in life can be tackled.

Research on the Topic:

Essay on Genetic Engineering Is One of Assignment

Research on genetic engineering should be funded by taxpayers' monies because the issues addressed in this topic affect many people regardless of their status and position in society. While the topic has continued to generate heated concerns from various people groups including clergymen and environmentalists, issues associated with it affect the society at large. Therefore, such research should be funded by public funds in order to contribute to the discovery of effective solutions to severe problems in the society.

In conclusion, the article primarily addresses ways with which biologists can contribute to a better society by developing positive traits through genetic engineering. The issues addressed in the article are based on various biological concepts. Since these issues affect the society, they are directly related to daily life and necessitate the use of public fund for research.


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