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Genetic testing is concept that is used to diagnose 'genetic diseases', which are transferred to any person by their ancestry. (Wikipedia, 2007). Every person carries numbers of genes from their parents. The usage of 'genetic testing' involves studying and changing in human chromosomes, genes and the proteins. (Genetic Testing, 2007).

Genetic testing is a wider concept, which is used to for 'biochemical procedures' to screen out any 'heredity diseases' that any person might suffer. There are many people who are suffering from different diseases due to 'inter-family marriages' and 'genetically transfers' that is usually transferred from parents to children. So use of genetic testing to reduce risk associated with one's life. Many government treat 'cloning' as against the human laws so they have banned cloning in their countries but in UK and USA the cloning is considered as blessings and widely used today. (Shaun Elmore, 2007).

There are many people who born with some dangerous inherited diseases such as 'cancer' and 'HIV' so these children could only able to live 3-4 years and they live on medications because many risks are associated to their lives. In think the 'genetic testing' can be used to bring new born and children out of danger and on hope that it can reduce the risk to death of new born baby. (Genelex Corporation, 2003)

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The genetic testing is helpful in finding out that any diseases from parents are likely to be transferred to their children so by knowing the possibilities of disorders. So it provides an opportunity to people to save their future by reducing any risk associated with a person life. (Mayo clinic staff, 2006)

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