Genetically Modified Crops Term Paper

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With the world's rapidly expanding population, having adequate land to grow enough food to feed everyone is a major issue. Because GM crops hold the key to enabling farmers to produce better crops at a faster pace, it is possible that GM crops may be a huge part of the solution to world hunger.

In addition, GM crops can be richer in vitamins and nutrients. This is particularly important in areas of the world that lack sufficient food supply. For example, rice is the main crop for people in many third world countries (Sample, 2003). GM golden rice has genes added so that people can get enough Vitamin A to prevent more than 5000,000 cases of blindness per year.

In conclusion, the GM crop industry has a variety of challenges to overcome before it can gain widespread support from around the world (Reuters, 2000). If it can overcome these challenges, while disproving adverse health and environmental concerns, it can provide unprecedented benefits to farmers and consumers around the world in a variety of ways, while reducing the need to use harmful chemicals or scarce water supplies for agriculture. In this light, GM crops cannot be ignored or outlawed, as they hold so many wonderful possibilities for the future.


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Term Paper on Genetically Modified Crops Genetically Modified Assignment

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