Genetics or Evolution Essay

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Genetics or Evolution

In the article How the Butterflies got their Spots (2010), it talks about how scientists at Cambridge have found "hotspots" in butterflies' genes that they believe will explain one of the most extraordinary examples of mimicry in the natural world. They believe that their discovery will explain the phenomenon of how two butterfly species have evolved exactly the same striking wing color and pattern.

Heliconius, or passion-vine butterflies, live in the Americas and although they cannot interbreed, H. melpomene and H. erato have evolved to mimic one another perfectly. These butterflies have splashes of red and yellow on their black wings that signal to birds that they contain toxins and are extremely unpleasant. These two butterflies mimic one another's color and pattern in order to reinforce these warning signals.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Essay on Genetics or Evolution Assignment

A team of researchers from UK and U.S. universities led by experts from Cambridge, have been breeding the butterflies in Panama for the past decade, and have been searching for the genes responsible for the butterflies' wing… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Genetics and Evolution Essay

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