Genetics and Human Disease Research Proposal

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Genetics and Human Disease

Millions of Americans a year have to deal with the affects of heart disease and cancer, both directly and indirectly. They prove to be the biggest threats to the average American in terms of medical dangers. What is largely un-thought of within the context of previous research on such threats is the concept of their relationship to the most basic fundamental blocks of our bodies -- genomes within DNA. Recent studies have found that there may be a potential genetic relationship between the human genome and medical conditions such as heart disease and cancer; these diseases not having any similarities between typical genetic diseases caused by abnormal genes.

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Each and every one of us owes our biological make up to the human genome which determines so much of who we all are. Twenty-three pairs of chromosomes are encapsulated within each genome, which then induce the development of our physical and mental existence. These chromosomes are strands of DNA molecules and proteins which carry genetic and hereditary information of each individual. Only one pair of these chromosomes are what determines an individuals sex, the major difference between humans and are known as non-autosomal chromosomes. These are represented by the X and Y chromosomes which determine sex in an individual. Out of these twenty-three pairs of chromosomes, twenty two are what is known as autosomal chromosome pairs. These chromosomes appear the same in both male and female, and help determine such traits as race, ethnicity, and ancestry.

It is these chromosomes which also carry genetic diseases through the various generations.

Research Proposal on Genetics and Human Disease Assignment

Yet, not all diseases and disorders carried down through autosomal chromosomes are caused by abnormalities in the genes themselves. Several other diseases have been related to human genomes,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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