Genetics Option 3: Darwin's Perspective Term Paper

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Indeed, as genetic diseases become curable or at least controllable more children with potential diseases can be helped and placed in homes.

Certainly many issues and concerns need to be taken into consideration in the field of genetics. And definitely it is not an exact science. But few things are. When the intricacies of medical technology and indeed all technology are considered, few things are a certainty. Yet the basis of knowledge that human beings have accumulated over only the last century is staggering. This basis of knowledge is the result of thousands of years of evolution, starting with the first spark of fire. Ethical considerations, while having its place, should therefore be used as a guideline rather than a detriment to genetic science. On the other hand, scientists should be willing to make public any knowledge that would benefit humankind, and furthermore such knowledge should not be monopolized only by the rich and the powerful (Martone).

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The science of genetics, in other words, should be applied with responsibility. The choice of responsibility towards not only its own species, but also towards others, is also a uniquely human quality. It has been suggested by Kolata that the animal and natural environment can benefit from genetic technology. But will human beings choose to do this if it means a significant investment in time and money, the benefits of which will not be immediately apparent? According to Martone, the rich and powerful are already working on monopolizing the genetic engineering industry to benefit themselves only.

This is where responsibility becomes a prominent issue. If "survival" of the species rather than the rich and powerful elitist individual is truly the concern, the responsibility lies with human beings to ensure that not only the species, but also its means of survival prevails. This includes all aspects of the environment in terms of food and energy resources. Genetic engineering thus offers much in terms of survival, but the opportunity must be used correctly.

Term Paper on Genetics Option 3: Darwin's Perspective Assignment

This responsibility then touches upon a more basic field than ethics or religion. All scientific fields can and should work together in order to use their newly acquired tools correctly. Oceanographers and environmentalists can identify genetic needs that genetic engineers can fulfill. Funding organizations can work to fund research programs. Knowledge about all these issues should be made publicly available to ensure that all human beings realize what is at stake. Even ethicists can have their place in using genetic science. Potential ethical difficulties can be pinpointed by these people, and these can be dealt with before they become crises.

Perhaps the above is a somewhat idealistic view of things. Human beings by nature will always disagree on everything from politics to religion to where to go for lunch. The point is that human beings will always advance maybe to some degree despite themselves. However it is used, genetics is an evolutionary advancement to help human beings survive. How human beings choose to use this new survival skill will determine the longevity of the species.

Time only will tell whether the human race is "fit" to survive for another millennium. If those with power can take responsibility for their actions, and if scientists can be their own ethicists, our chances of survival may improve drastically.


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