Term Paper: Genocide in Germany

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[. . .] Gilbert, Martin

Martin Gilbert's book tells the story of the Holocaust from the perspective of the Jews. Particularly, it discusses the stories of some of the Jews who were doing everything they could to stay alive, including going into hiding. This helps the research process because it shows that people who were not even certain about the specific atrocities that were being committed by the Nazis were so afraid that they would risk anything to avoid capture.

Paxton, Robert

This is a comprehensive history of recent European events. It has a large section on World War II and the Holocaust in particular. This text is useful because it puts the Holocaust in the context of the Second World War and explains its impact on the rest of the war.

Rossel, Seymour

This book discusses the Holocaust and discusses why the Jewish people were targeted by the Nazis. It makes an important point about the scapegoat theory of political discourse and how the Nazis used this to make people fear the Jews. This is important to my argument because it shows some potential reason for such an inhumane act.

D. How will you demonstrate that are aware of opposing positions on your topic?

I have conducted research and there are still many people who do not believe that the Holocaust happened. There are also some who think that not as many people died as are claimed. In a research paper, the views of this group of people would have to be addressed. By discussing this and taking about how wrong they are, it adds proof… [END OF PREVIEW]

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