Genocide Is a Traumatic Part of World Essay

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Genocide is a traumatic part of world history. The term genocide was coined in the aftermath of World War II. When the world learned that more than six million Jewish people had been murdered by the German military because of their beliefs, the universal reaction was disgust and disbelief. Since this series of deaths, the world has been made aware of other occasions of mass murder within nations because of ethnic or political reasons. These situations can rarely be solved within the nation where the murders occur. However, historically it has been difficult to get international aid because of red tape and bureaucratic nonsense. Millions die before any aid is bestowed.

In the documentary Ghost of Rwanda, the historical incident of when the Hutus attacked the Tutsi, the United Nation was asked for help during the genocide, but no nation except for Belgium was willing to provide aid to the slaughtered peoples. In Rwanda, some 800,000 individual men, women, and children were mutilated and murdered by the religious extremists of the Hutu people. Although the murders were well-documented and images of the dead bodies were available across the globe, no one provided help to the people in need. These deaths began a series of inquiries into when "ethnic cleansing" transforms into "genocide." In 1996, the United States President Bill Clinton, stated that the U.S. would only become involved in a country where they had an interest. In Rwanda, the United States had no interest and so it was not for the U.S. To become involved in the conflict there.

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Some people believe that genocide is an issue which should be exclusively dealt with in the country where the deaths are occurring. Only when the genocide spills out into other countries, like they did during the Second World War, should the United Nations or other countries become involved. Only when it is literally an international problem, should the murders become of international concern. Other people however feel that whenever murder occurs on a mass scale, someone should become involved to stop further acts of evil. If no one is able to intervene on behalf of the victimized population, there is nothing to prevent the aggravators from continuing their atrocities.

Essay on Genocide Is a Traumatic Part of World Assignment

Much debate over this issue has come from the definition of "genocide." Officially, the United Nations has stated that in order for a series of mass murders to be classified as genocidal, more than one million people have to have died, most often because of their ethnicity or political beliefs. If this number has not been reached, then the issue will be considered "ethnic cleansing," wherein a group is targeted by a majority because of their ethnicity. Ethnic cleansing… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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