Genre Over the Last 60 Years Term Paper

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Over the last 60 years, television has played a major role within society, where the way various ideas or groups are represented will reflect cultural attitudes and thoughts. As a result, various televisions shows have been utilized to underscore the overall changing nature of cultural trends. Where, each of these different shows represents a microcosm of: the various socially acceptable norms within society at the time. To fully understand how television represents these shifting cultural norms requires examining episodes of: Mary Tyler Moore (Love is All Around), Seinfeld (the Cigar Store Indian), All in the Family (Meet the Bunkers), and I Love Lucy (Job Switching). At which point, there will be an emphasis on: how these shows are the same, different, how cultural groups are represented and how has this changed. Together, these different elements will provide the greatest insight, as to how television reflects the changing cultural attitudes and norms within society.

How are the Television Shows the Same?

The basic comedy style format for these different television genres are still the same. Where, the will follow the standard format of showing the relationship between the different characters and the way they interact with one another, as way to generate humor. An example of this can be seen with comparing: All in the Family (Meet the Bunkers) with Seinfeld (the Cigar Store Indian). Where, the episode of Meet the Bunkers shows the unique relationship that the family has, with a whole host of views ranging from: religion to the government. ("Meet the Bunkers") the episode of the Cigar Store Indian; shows the same kind unique relationship that everyone has. With the main theme focused on how the different personalities react to the cigar store Indian. ("The Cigar Store Indian") These two episodes are following a similar format, where the genre is based upon the relationship that the individuals have with each other and the events that are occurring. The different views and how everyone reacts to them is: the basic formula that all of the shows will use.

How are they different?

Each of the shows is different, because they represent a microcosm of the cultural norms / traditions in society. For example, in the episode of I Love Lucy (Switching Jobs) and Mary Tyler Moore (Love is All Around), it highlights the overall changing role of the woman. In Switching Jobs, the woman is expected to be subservient to the man. Where, Lucy and Ethel are unable to work at the candy factory, resulting in them opting to take care of the… [END OF PREVIEW]

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