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[. . .] In the past, during the Roman occupation, it was a tradition that guests lean on the dinner table with his left elbow while his right hand is free and is usually used for eating.

In terms of cooking, there is a tradition in most Italian cuisines to use tomato as an ingredient. In the process of cooking, it has been a social ritual for the chefs to perform and demonstrate different tricks while cooking an Italian cuisine. For instance, when preparing pizza, chefs usually entertain the audience by tossing upward the pizza crust that he is preparing, then catch it as it falls and then toss it again.

In terms of eating the Italian cuisines, on the other hand, it has been a tradition to use different spices that can add to the taste of their food. This includes cheese, tomato sauce, pepper, and other rare spices that the Italians themselves prepare.

Ingredients, Seasoning, Styles, and Cooking Procedures Attributable to the Italian Cuisine

When one thinks of an Italian cuisine, the first thing that can pop to one's mind is the pastas and the delicious sauces that come with them. Or, one may also immediately think of a red or white sauce. Moreover, tomato sauce, cheese, and different spices may immediately come to mind once an Italian cuisine is mentioned. As mentioned earlier, Italy is divided into different regions that similarly have different ways and styles of cooking. Hence, it is said that there is no similar food that is prepared in the same way in 2 places in Italy. However, there can be similarity in the ingredients and seasonings that are used in cooking an Italian cuisine.

According to Diner's Digest online, Italian cuisines are prepared in a style that is characterized by innovation and art where different themes and a variety of cooking models are established. As for the ingredients, spices and vegetables usually make up an Italian food. This includes mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, grains, olive oil, cheese, and many others. These are usually blended together which brings out the richness in taste of the Italian cuisine. In Tuscany, however, seasonings such as garlic, onion, and basil, are modestly used to bring out the natural flavor of the main ingredients such as the vegetables (Hawkins). Seafood and meat also play an important ingredient in Italian cuisines.

Because of the differences in the cooking style and procedures between the different places in Italy, the preparation of the ingredients is similarly different. As indicated by Anna Maria Volpi,

Every town has a distinctive way of making sausage, special kinds of cheese and wine, and a local type of bread. If you ask people, even in the same area, how to make pasta sauce, they will all have different answers

This variation in the style of preparation and cooking by the Italians is perhaps the attributable characteristic of the Italian cuisine. Hence, if one is to go to Italy and taste the country's food, he perhaps may not find the right word to describe the Italian cuisine because one food is typically prepared in a different way and tastes differently in another kitchen.


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