Geography the African Influence Term Paper

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African language was also introduced to the area, mixing with the Spanish that was also being introduced and altering the pronunciation of many words.

Spanish influence is also (and perhaps primarily) very prominent in Middle and South America. Spanish diseases, completely unknown to the region before the arrival of Europeans, that were brought by the colonists are still present in many areas. Domestic animals unknown to the area were brought and reproduced quickly, populating the lands. The introduction of Christianity, which is highly influential throughout the development of Middle and South American culture, was a result of Spanish influence. The Spanish founded many of the major cities as well, including Havana, Quito, Lima, and Buenos Aires. The Spanish forced the natives to sweat loyalty to a new king and religion, and turned them into a disorganized peasant race; the area is still highly dependent on the master/peasant social structure. Of course, most Middle and South American countries today speak languages that are based largely on Spanish. The Spanish also bred with the native Indians to create the mestizo race of the area.

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Bradford, Burns. Latin America, a Concise Interpretative History. New York: Prentice Hall, 1972. Archived online at
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