Essay: Geography, Weather, and Climate Geographic Features Aside

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Geography, Weather, And Climate

Geographic features aside from elevation or latitude can influence a city's climate depending on how those features affect the flow of water vapor and hot or cold air. By comparing the cities of San Francisco and Denver, it is possible to see how the combination of the ocean and an extensive mountain range can give two cities at nearly the same latitude vastly different climates. San Francisco remains relatively moderate, climate-wise, whereas Denver is dramatically colder during much of the year, and sees much more precipitation.

San Francisco is at latitude 37.4 north, and its elevation is 7 feet. The maximum temperature for the years 1961-1990 was 106 degrees Fahrenheit, and the minimum low temperature for the same period was 24 degrees Fahrenheit. Rain was more common than snow during this time, with a yearly average of 19.7 inches of rain compared to .1 inches of average yearly snowfall. In contrast, Denver is at nearly the same latitude, 39.5, but its elevation is 5333 feet. Denver's maximum temperature for 1961-1990 was 103 degrees Fahrenheit, with a minimum of -25 degree Fahrenheit. Snow was far more common than rain in Denver, with only 15.4 inches of yearly average rainfall compared to an average of 60.4 inches of yearly snowfall.

Although San Francisco and Denver are at nearly the same latitude, they have dramatic differences when it comes to low temperatures and yearly snowfall. Denver has a minimum temperature nearly fifty degrees lower that San Francisco's, even though their maximum temperatures are only 3 degrees apart. In addition, Denver sees an average of roughly 60 inches of snowfall a year, compared to San Francisco's average of .1 inches per year (although San Francisco does get slightly more rain than… [END OF PREVIEW]

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