Research Paper: Geology Film Rebirth: A Geologically

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[. . .] Volcanic eruptions, however, would be one of the most serious consequences of humans living in this era; however, this is true of any period, as continents have been on an ever-changing schedule since almost the beginnings of time. Some short-term effects would be that volcanic activity during this era could increase sulfuric acid amounts in the atmosphere, thereby cooling the climate. However, human would really not be affected by this too much, as there would be enough heat, as described below, to make this a very small issue. However, CO2 levels released by volcanic activity could, eventually lead to global warming, especially with human activity added to this period and could kill important plants necessary to various living beings' survival. Thus, humans will have to be very careful about how they treat a new environment so that they do not repeat the same mistakes. [5: "The Mid-Cretaceous Period." UW Atmospheric Sciences. Web. 07 May 2011. . ]

Another topic the film will explore will be how humans and modern animals survive in an environment where dinosaurs reigned supreme. Thus, it will analyze the changes in the atmosphere that humans may or may not be able to adapt to, as well as changes on the ground. For example, due to these kinds of changes in this period, new dinosaurs developed during this period, such as Triceratops. According to the National Geographic,

"Sauropods dominated the southern continents but became rare in the north. Herd-dwelling ornithischians like Iguanodon spread everywhere but Antarctica. Toward the close of the Cretaceous, vast herds of horned beasts such as Triceratops munched cycads and other low-lying plants on the northern continents. The carnivore Tyrannosaurus rex dominated the late Cretaceous in the north while monstrous meat-eaters like Spinosaurus, which had a huge sail-like fin on its back, thrived in the south. Smaller carnivores likely battled for the scraps." [6: "Cretaceous Period." The National Geographic. Web. 7 May 2011. . ]

The humans must, again, learn how to either domesticate the dinosaurs, but most likely humans will choose to utilize various chemicals to perhaps feed the dinosaurs by placing the beneficial chemicals in water, or can choose to make dinosaurs artificially repulsed by the tastes of human and modern day animal meat, so that they can ensure that dinosaurs will not eat them.

Another fact to consider would be weather related issues. During the cretaceous period, many things were different. For example, the global temperature was about seven degrees higher than global surface temperatures today. Furthermore, there were virtually no ice sheets and subtropical plants and animals lived far towards the poles we know today. In terms of temperature fluctuations, this period knew period of warmth, so human will most likely not see any winter weather. However, extreme warmth can cause stress on marine life, which can also affect the kinds of foods that humans will be able to find. [7: "The Mid-Cretaceous Period." UW Atmospheric Sciences. Web. 07 May 2011. . ] [8: Hamilton, Jason. "Cretaceous Period." Web. 07 May 2011. . ]

Humans would have to consider the kind of food that they would be able to find to survive. This could be alleviated by bringing some supplies so that humans can adapt from modern to ancient times, however these supplies will not last forever. These are all issues that must be examined scientifically so that we can determine whether humans will actually be able to survive in any dinosaur-based environment. At this moment, due to the fact that humans have never actually been able to have been found as having survived during dinosaur times, it will have to be quite unrealistic to place them in this context. However, science could find a way to either alter environment or place humans in a sort of bubble, in order to help them survive in a pristine Earth. [END OF PREVIEW]

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