Why George Washington University Admission Essay

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George Washington University provides one of the most complete and holistic experiences available to a university student. The geographic location of the university allows it to be accessible to the leadership atmosphere of the capitol and yet maintain a cozy environment for the pursuit of academic excellence. As a perused, the website of the university I was delighted with the richness of the proposed experience and overwhelmed by the academic pantheon of the scholastic achievement of the faculty.

The Washington DC is home to the nation's capital. The capital is a place of rich American heritage and culture. The buildings capture the boldness of American talent and ingenuity. They are also a source of pristine inspiration and hope. These elements find their way into the University. The university has absorbed freely from the surrounding environment and the resulting creation is a location where the creation and accusation of knowledge is prized. The atmosphere is inundated interchangeably with the fresh zephyrs of hope and the blustery winds of change. This is the place for a budding academic to engage minds and drink freely of the future promise.

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The stated mission of the university is to "provide an environment where…creative endeavors seek to enrich the experiences of the global society." This global focus of the university is very appealing. It suggests that there is a deliberate attempt to provide students with the opportunities to access skills and knowledge that will prepare them to live and excel throughout the world. This posture is not simply commendable but in combination with the ability to execute this vision, it constitutes a critical feature that separates this university from others of a similar standing. I am confident that this university produces excellent graduates.

Admission Essay on Why George Washington University Assignment

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