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¶ … Georgia (

What does the website reveal about health insurance in the state?

According to the website, the state of Georgia has one of the percentages of insured persons in the United States, even after the passage of the ACA (Affordable Care Act). "About 18% of Georgia's residents lack health insurance coverage, which is a very high number, above the national average" (Georgia health insurance, 2014). Part of this may be due to the fact that such a low percentage of employers offer insurance: most Americans do not purchase their insurance on the open market but rather acquire it as a condition of their employment. "Approximately half of Georgia's employers offer health benefits to its employees, and most of the employees take advantage of these benefits offered. Nevertheless, Georgia's division of public health, and Georgia's department of insurance need to come up with more options to offer more alternatives to those who have no current access to health insurance coverage" (Georgia health insurance, 2014). Once the ACA takes effect, theoretically more employers may be required to extend health benefits to employees (depending on the state's enforcement of the law) but the website still suggests that more creative responses are needed to address Georgia's healthcare deficits.

Q2. What is listed about general health statistics of population in the state?

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The health statistics about Georgia are listed as below average compared to the rest of the U.S. population. There is a great divide in terms of access to care based upon geography and relatively few physicians are based in George, relative to the concentration of the population in the state.

Q3. What is the state's health ranking?

Despite some positive developments, Georgia ranks 41st of all states, in terms of health ranking.

Q4. Does the ranking have any correlation to health insurance?

Health insurance is a major component of why it ranks so low.

Q5. What are the health highlights?

Term Paper on Georgia Website Analysis: Assignment

One positive statistic is that the low rate of binge drinking. "Only 12% of the population in Georgia are binge drinkers, a low number when compared with the rest of the country" (Georgia health insurance, 2014). Also, there is a relatively high rate of childhood immunizations -- 80% of infants and toddlers receive complete immunizations despite Georgia's high poverty rate. (No state statistics are offered on immunizations for influenza and other illnesses). Almost 21% of all children in Georgia live in poverty.

Smoking is also dramatically decreasing: from 31.8%t to 19.4% over the past twenty years (Georgia health insurance, 2014). However, state healthcare funding has been cut dramatically, which is likely to severely impact patient care. Obesity is increasing (30% of residents are obese and this number is on the rise). Obesity is linked to a number of severe health problems, including diabetes and heart disease and the combination of a high obesity rate is very worrisome.

Georgia also has a high rate of air pollution: "with 15.9 micrograms of fine particles per cubic meter," which can exacerbate asthma and other breathing problems (Georgia health insurance, 2014).

Q6. What health statistics surprise you?

The most surprising health statistic for me was the fact that Georgia has such a high rate of infectious disease. Given the large number rural areas within the state, I would not have thought that there would have been such a high rate of disease transmission "with 29.4 cases per 100,000 residents within the state" (Georgia health insurance, 2014).

Q7. Would you be able to access a health insurance price quote? If yes, what guidelines are provided? If not, why not?

To get a health insurance price quote, I would have to register on the federal healthcare exchange -- however, I would have to give my social security number to do so and other identifying details and I… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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