German Political System Term Paper

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German Government

The German Bundestag is the lower house of the legislature in Germany, and many think it is the center of German government. It is a group made up of representatives elected by the people. The type of work that takes place there is both legislative and leadership based. The group is where bills are introduced in the legislative process. They are voted on by the Bundestag, read, commented on and studied, revised, and then if passed, given to the Bundesrat, so the Bundestag is responsible for most of the legislative process, and they can veto (not pass) a bill, too. The Lander is more closely related to the Bundesrat because that is how the Lander goes through the government and legislative process, and this is where the deputies of the Lander sit. Therefore, the relationship between the Lander and the Bundesrat is much closer than that with the Bundestag. The Bundestag differs from the French National Assembly in that the Budestag has more power. They can reject the president's candidate for Federal Chancellor, they can nominate their own candidate, and they elect the Federal Chancellor, and they also have the power to dismiss him. Thus, while the roles are similar, the French National Assembly has less power with leadership. They exist to adopt and supervise, rather than to elect and dismiss.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on German Political System Assignment

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