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There is no need to explain the horror of 1914-1918 warfare but we should pay attention to the Versailles peace treaty, which adversely impacted after war development of Germany. Unfortunately world leaders of that time didn't think about future at all - they wanted to solve all problems of their countries using Germany as the main economical resource for reconstructing their states' infrastructure. In fact Versailles treaty was a true robbery: Germany had to pay severe reparations but was not able to do that as national economy was ruined by war. "German citizens suffered great economical depression and the majority of them became extremely poor." (Eihman 84).

No wonder Germans began "witch trials" and hunt on imaginary "hidden enemies" of their poverty and misfortunes - German Jews. It explains the spread of Nazi ideology countrywide, which grew out of nation's anger and desire for retaliation. Weak Weimar republic failed to solve either social or economical problems and collapsed under the pressure of growing Fascist movement. The leader of a new Fascist state Adolf Hitler used national interests for the purpose of fulfilling his political program based on extreme racisism and militarism.

World War II was not a sudden conflict; it was a continuation of WWI, as the nation humiliated by unfair conditions of Versailles treaty decided to strike back.

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World War I and WWII are horrifying examples of irresponsible and short-sighted foreign policy of European superpowers: they had to be more careful in foreign affairs and had to try their best preventing the conflict and providing fair policy toward Germany.

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Nevertheless, tragic impact of warfare and of fascism experience had positive impacts on the country. Absence of colonial markets made German goods the most qualitative in Europe, German high standards either in education or in industry resulted economical boom and prosperity, transforming the country which once stood in ashes to a country which is the most stable and predictable in Europe. The tragic experience of racial bigotry, Nazism and chauvinism forced new German governments to accept the most fair and democratic legislature towards protection of human rights. I'm convinced that German impact on world history, politics, and culture is invaluable and that's why we should not remember Germany only as motherland of Hitler and Nazism, but as a country which introduced a set of modern life attributes either in universal culture or in technology and science. Even today, Germany hasn't lost its historical mission in Europe: now it is an incarnation of Otto von Bismarck's dreams, not Hitler's ones. Today's Germany is a strong and stable state which respects other subjects of international law and is ready to cooperate with them for common good.


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