Getting the Best Diet by Tracking Essay

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5 cups; vegetables = 2 cups; grains = 5 ounce equivalents; meat and beans = 5 ounce equivalents; milk = 3 cups; oils = 5 teaspoons; and the allotted discretionary calorie allowance = 132 calories. Further breaking down the vegetable food group into vegetable subgroup amounts per week gives me the following targets: Dark green vegetables = 2 cups; orang vegetables = 1.5 cups; legumes = 2.5 cups; starchy vegetables = 2.5 cups; and other vegetables = 5.5 cups. Since I consume most of my vegetables raw, except for peas, beans, and artichokes, I need to consider that 2 cups of raw vegetables is equivalent to one cup of cooked vegetables.

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I am currently trying the Fast 2 diet that permits me to eat typical food for all but two days of the week. On my chosen fasting days, which I tend not to schedule in succession (although I did do so during this week when I recorded my intake), I intake about 500 to 600 calories. This calorie intake on the fast days is for two meals consumed 12 hours or more apart. I have plain coffee or tea in the middle of the day, and if I seem to be struggling with low energy or hunger pangs, I will eat 8 to 12 almonds. Over the course of several months, I have been loosing about one pound per week. My energy levels remain relatively high, although I do schedule fasting days at times when my work load seems less demanding. Weekends include typical meals with family and friends so the impact of my diet on my lifestyle is minimal. I can see from a review of my actual food logs that I tend to be low in protein consumption since I don't eat much meat and I am a snob about fish -- it has to be locally fresh. However, I can reasonably add sardines, some tuna and salmon from pole -- and troll-fisheries and brands because of the lower mercury levels in fish caught in this manner.


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