Term Paper: Gilgamesh: At the Beginning of the Sumerian

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Gilgamesh: At the beginning of the Sumerian story, King Gilgamesh may be considered a bad king because it is stated that the people are unhappy with their king. According to the people, Gilgamesh is harsh and abuses his power by sleeping with the kingdom's women before their husbands are able to.

The character of Enkidu is a foil or counterpoint to Gilgamesh in numerous ways. For example, he was originally created in order to seek revenge on Gilgamesh. Essentially Enkidu is a wild man but is able to get the same things Gilgamesh wants, such as women. Thus, the two become an odd couple and go around defeating evil.

On his quest for immortality, Gilgamesh encounters numerous dangers. For example, as he passes the two mountains from where the sun rises, he has to persuade the two scorpion beings to let him continue. Further, in order to cross the Waters of Death, Gilgamesh must cut down 300 trees and use them as oars.

Gilgamesh tears apart the ferryman's boat because he is furious at having his intentions questioned. This seems to be along the lines of his general nature in that throughout the epic Gilgamesh either reacts by destroying or killing things that do not agree with him.

Ancient Egyptian Poetry: In Akhenaten's Hymn to the Sun, Pharoah Akhenaten sees himself as a sun god, or being related to or a descendent from Aten. There are many themes in the Leiden Hymns, including love, worship and family. The most noticeable theme in Love Songs is that of love, but not just a love for another, but also a profound love for oneself.

Old Testament: The Hebrew view of God is different from the Sumerian view of the gods, as seen in Gilgamesh, in several ways. The main difference is that the Hebrews only believe in one God as opposed to the Sumerian worship of many gods. More so, the Hebrew God plays a less direct role in the… [END OF PREVIEW]

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