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His association with Hepburn would go on for the rest of her life. He not only designed the wardrobe for her films, among them How to Steal a Million, and her iconic turn in Breakfast at Tiffany's which turned the little black dress into the closet must-have of every woman in the world, but much of her personal wardrobe as well.

The outfits in Sabrina would be iconographic of the kinds of fashions Givenchy specialized in. When he started out, he could not always work in the most lush fabrics but the way he utilized his materials made even the least expensive seem luxurious and fascinating. Givenchy become famous for innovation. He specialized in new ideas and techniques that though not as envelope-pushing as some of the designers of his era and the following decades, would lead historians of fashion to associate his name with amazing designs and a gorgeous sense of style.

Today, Givenchy is still creating beautiful women's wear and attractive men's wear. Currently in charge of the women's line is Riccardo Tisci who is known for gothic touches and space-age minimalism. The Givenchy brand has now been in existence for nearly sixty years. It still speaks of class and simplicity. Those who wear Givenchy walk in the footsteps of Hepburn and those who design for Givenchy walk in the shadow of a true artist.

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