Glass Ceiling in Corporate America Thesis

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Glass Ceiling in Corporate America

Ever since 1960's American corporate world is emphasizing on the maxim equal pay for women. However, even after lapse of such a long period, presently women are still confronting a yawning gap in respect of their salary and job prospects. The same is prevailing when they are engaged in the similar working environments and having similar experience in respect of their male counterparts. With a view to safeguarding the interest of women in terms of the equal pay for same job in the similar environment prohibition of discrimination in terms of sex is imposed by the provisions in "Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and Equal Pay Act of 1963." (Begley, 2005)

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It has been estimated that the earning rate in case of an average American women is only 74 cents in comparison to one dollar that of their male corresponding person. Moreover, women constitute only about 11% of all the "corporate officers in the Fortune 500 companies in U.S.." (Begley, 2005) Irrespective of the fact that such legislations have assisted substantially in safeguarding the interests of the women officers still the problem of inequality persists in corporate America to a great magnitude. It is seen that the women attorneys suffer a loss of about $300 a week in comparison to their male counterparts. This is about $680 a week in respect of women doctors, $245 a week in respect of women professors and $86 per week in case of women school teachers. It is seen that the variation in the pay and prejudice in workplace has tremendous impact on the family life. (Begley, 2005)

Thesis on Glass Ceiling in Corporate America Assignment

The discriminatory treatment of the employers in various manners contributes to the less pay for women. The employers normally attach a lower salary to the jobs generally held by women than the jobs conventionally performed by men. Besides, women could not get the same job opportunities. Normally, women receive a lower pay for their first assignment in comparison to that of their male counterpart. Varied reasons have been put forth for such a discriminatory wage gap. Firstly, it is the confidentiality, as a matter of policy of the employer that dissuades the employees to reveal their pay prospects. Secondly, it is not possible to resort to legal shelter for suing the employer on the ground of bias in terms sex. More often the charge of discrimination is found difficult to confirm. Even though it is not visible always, but its presence can be felt hidden in workplaces. Thirdly, the inclination of women to stay at home to raise their family gives rise to low pay in comparison to their male counterpart. Fourthly, the present legal provisions banning pay discrimination are not sufficient. The necessity of additional legislations is felt at every corner in the present American corporate world to bring equal pay for equal work. (Begley, 2005)

Moreover, it has been observed that the possible reason behind Glass Ceiling in corporate America is that often the senior executives often at late fifties are not at ease with their female counterparts, particularly while in boardrooms. Sometimes they are not capable of isolating their own insecurities from the struggling women counterparts. However, presently, it is known to every one that the concept of glass ceiling is not applied only to the women but to the corporate world as a whole. The concept of glass ceiling has a tremendous impact on the standard of living, comfort levels and proficiency. Government seems to detect the case of glass ceiling when in 1991 the Federal Glass Ceiling Commission was constituted and the report presented in the year 1995. (Smallen-Grob, 2003)

The Federal Glass Ceiling Commission in its report observed that the American Indians were growingly deficient in corporate America simply due to the fact that only 9% were having graduate degrees as a result of the conflict in their conventional and corporate values. Their discrimination with regard to having more physical skill than the mental is not making them compatible for managerial grades in the corporate world. This is similar in the case of Hispanic-Americans, who are not seen in the sphere of strategic positions in corporate America. It has been observed that they are constantly employed in the government sectors and in non-lucrative sectors rather than profitable spheres. If at all they go for the private sector they concentrate on the staff jobs that have no career progression. (Woo, 2000)

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