Glass Ceiling Is a Metaphor Research Paper

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Glass ceiling is a metaphor for the frustrating situation many female workers find themselves in when they aim for higher salaries or promotions to positions of power within an organization. A sign of systematic, institutionalized discrimination, the Glass ceiling can refer equally to race as well as gender disparity. Any employee who finds herself staring up at a cadre of coworkers who have similar or even less qualified background experience is looking through a glass ceiling. The glass ceiling might be experienced as being passed over for promotions by coworkers who are equally qualified as best.

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When managers assess female members of an organization, gender biases are liable to creep into their thinking. Decisions related to pay increases and promotions would be colored by these biases, thereby constructing the glass ceiling. A related analogy to the glass ceiling is the sticky floor: whereby female workers are stuck to their lower-level positions. Tesch, Wood, Helwig, and Nattinger (1995) found that among medical school faculty, women physicians are promoted more slowly than men. "Gender differences in rank achieved are not explained by productivity or by differential attrition from academic medicine," (Tesch et al. 1995). Thus, the glass ceiling phenomenon accounts for the disparency. "After a mean of 11 years on a medical school faculty, 59% of women compared with 83% of men had achieved associate or full professor rank, and 5% of women compared with 23% of men had achieved full professor rank," (Tesch et al. 1995).

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Some research indicates that the glass ceiling may be a uniquely gender-based phenomenon, and that race does not mitigate being male. Cotter, Hermsen, Ovadia, & Vanneman (2001) found "evidence of a glass ceiling for women, but racial inequalities among men do not follow a similar pattern." A "distinctively gender phenomenon," the glass ceiling does impact the barriers that women experience (Cotter et al. 2001). The glass ceiling is also not just a perception that women have, as ample research substantiates its presence. Through my observations of which types of people hold positions… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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