Glaxowellcome Introducing a Second Migraine Medication? Case Study

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¶ … GlaxoWellcome introducing a second migraine medication?

With the vast opportunity to capture a wider and untapped market on prescription medication intended for migraines, GlaxoWellcome introduced a second migraine medication, Naramig/Amerge which GlaxoWellcome is planning to launch as a second generation prescription migraine medicine, triptans, parallel to Zenecks, Zomig. Although the previous medication being endorsed by Glaxo, which is Imigran, is still in circulation, the introduction of the new medication was not initially intended to replace the drug. As it was noted;

It was not as though Imigran had not been successful, Glaxo had captured 91% of the prescription-medication market share.

Data shows that the positive response of hospitals and patients to the latter medication, since its launch in early 1993. This vital information have revealed remaining potential in its market, hence, continuous studies were made to develop a new and better medication than Imigran/Imitrex.

2. How should GlaxoWellcome position Naramig in the U.K.

Market positioning of a products is very vital to its success. Based on the decision and the considerations made by the marketing team of Glaxo Wellcome in the UK, the company would be positioning the new prescription medication, Naramig, as a replacement for the previous drug Imigran. Doing so it would lessen confusion amongst doctors and patients as it was noted:

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This option fit well with the overall concept that Naramig was an overall superior drug to Imigran. Itwould also allow Naramig to gain all the benefits of a new compound. second-generation, safety, and low recurrence.

3. Was the chosen strategy (Option 4) the best decision?

TOPIC: Case Study on Glaxowellcome Introducing a Second Migraine Medication? With Assignment

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