Global Climate Change the Increase of CO2 Essay

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Global Climate Change

The increase of CO2 emissions are expected to continue until 2150 when a decrease is expected to occur. The consequences are also expected to be dramatic. The continued melting of polar ice caps and glaciers will cause the sea levels to rise. This will result in greater flooding in areas already prone to flood and coastal cities globally may be forced to completely and permanently evacuate due to inhabitable conditions. In addition, agricultural changes will cause ecosystems to be effected due to rising temperatures and changes in rainfall patterns. If this is accompanied by problems growing major crop plants in traditional areas, there would be food shortages and famine. The cost of food would also rise. Another global consequence of global warming is extreme weather. Some evidence of increasing storm intensity already exists and this trend is likely to continue. Hurricanes reaching category 4 or 5 will continue to increase. All of these events are expected to be global in nature, regardless of location, wealth or development.

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights includes additions made and agreed upon by the United Nations General Assembly. One such agreement is the International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights which was adopted in December 1966. Article 12.2 of this Covenant requires parties to take specific steps to . . . include improving environmental and workplace health. Article 28 of the Covenant states that everyone is entitled to a social international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this declaration can be fully realized.

Essay on Global Climate Change the Increase of CO2 Assignment

Neither of the above Articles, nor any other Articles seem to address the protection of populations adversely affected by environmental changes although there is the requirement in Article 12.2 to take "specific steps to ...include improving environmental health." That could certainly be interpreted to mean that the signatory nations are required to improve environmental health however, it seems to apply to each specific nation and their citizens. The entitlement portion of Article 28 also gives a nod to entitling populations a social and international order that allows the rights and freedoms to be fully realized. Again, it implies a sort of idea of supporting the freedoms and rights but no specifics are made. Overall, while the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an impressive document, it seems to have virtually no bite. It also seems that many nations hold businesses and corporations to a standard that requires them to submit to laws regarding the environment but that is not a global position. For example, in Chernobyl when the nuclear reactor plant damaged the environment, lives etc., the Soviet Union covered it up and prohibited all inquiries. However, in the United States, the catastrophe at Three Mile Island was publicized and the clean up was extensive. Other man made environmental disasters have had similar outcomes depending on their location and nation. The Declaration should have more specific guidelines, however, attempting to do so would likely result in most… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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