Global Environment ATandT Atandt's Code Term Paper

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Saying three times over that it will behave ethically means nothing -- it needs to define ethics and provide examples of how its ethical philosophy will be applied to different components of its business. These types of baselines are important no matter what changes occur, because they set the foundation for how the company will act.

AT&T has not current methods to manage environment issues. Whatever is meant by "environment" -- it means a lot of different things -- there is nothing in its code that talks about that. So the laissez-faire approach is probably not going to be very effective in the long run.


AT&T has taken the approach of investing in technological advancements, and trying to market on the basis of being an innovation leader. How many approaches can there be? You put money into innovation. There are many potential technological changes -- obsolescence, customer refusal to pay for expensive new innovations (sinking money into something useless) and if a competitor leapfrogs them. To deal with these is the same strategy -- to continue to plow resources into maintaining innovation leadership. That makes it less likely that your offering will be obsolete, that you will be leapfrogged, and with any luck the marketing part of things will ensure that consumers continue to have low price elasticity of demand for telecom services.

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6. Lobbying is a strategy. That is the strategy -- they send lobbyists to Washington to get favorable laws from Congress, and favorable rules from the FCC. Holmes (2014) outlines how AT&T was involved in a lobbying push to not have limits on how much wireless spectrum it could buy. Obviously this is a good strategy, because wireless spectrum is a finite resource. Roughly, the amount of spectrum a company has is a constraint on potential market share, so it is very much worth AT&T's while to lobby to have no limits on how much spectrum it can buy at the next auction in 2015.

Term Paper on Global Environment AT&T At&t's Code Assignment

7. Despite not having a coherent policy about ethics, AT&T has made some contributions to global corporate citizenship. It donated a big $1 million to support global education initiatives at Saint Louis University. OK, that's only global in name, but it's a start. AT&T views this as "investing in a well-educated, diverse workforce" (Saint Louis University, 2013), and since most of these students will work for other companies this is essentially an investment in the U.S. economy, if not anything global in nature. Another thing that AT&T has done is to initiate a global supplier diversity program, something its competitors also have. This program dates back to 1968, with AT&T requiring suppliers to meet certain diversity goals in order to become "prime suppliers." There are other components to the company's supplier diversity program. Presumably there is a similar in-house diversity program. The company claims to have spent 23.96% in total procurement with minority, women's and disabled veteran's business enterprises, which is a lot. These do not really do much for the company's overall strategic objectives, but the supplier diversity program has clearly been embraced by AT&T.

Neither of these efforts will do anything for the company's sustainable development goals. First, there are no such goals at AT&T. Second, sustainability isn't affected by using minority suppliers or by investing in education.


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