Global Leadership Final Term Paper

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In simpler terms, the way companies and firms were run twenty years ago is not similar to the organizational culture today. Leaders are the ones with the dreams who don't allow anyone or anything get in their way of achieving those dreams. Leaders are meant to be representative yet they have to be insistent. Therefore, a leader should be proactive and updated about the new cultures and the new ways of dealing with problems. Regardless of how successful a leader is, he should not be overconfident in his skills. He should be willing to learn and improve his work and only then he can expect others to improve as well.


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Hollenbeck, G.P. (2001) "A Serendipitous Sojourn through the Global Leadership Literature," in Advances in Global Leadership, vol. 2, ed. William Mobley and Morgan W. McCall, Jr., Stamford,…
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