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Having a so-called "global mindset" did not enter into the responses.

That having been said, in the journal Leadership Excellence the authors take issue with the focus on competencies alone; instead, they assert that leaders are "…forced by the fires of experience"; leadership development (whether for global expansion or local markets) should zero in on "results, not competencies" because executives become adept at challenges "…through experiences" (McCall, et al., 2007). That point is appropriate because a global leader should (and often does) acquire experience by doing his or her job in more than one venue.

An article in the Journal for Quality & Participation references a recent study with 202 "…high-potential leaders from around the world"; those global leaders were asked to describe how the "ideal leader of the future" would be different from past leaders (Hopen, 2020). The answer: the ideal leader of the future needs to be competent at "…building partnerships inside and outside the organization" (Hopen, 8). Hence, whether the business leader is heading up a global venture or managing a grocery store chain in Alabama, the partnerships he or she is able to build and sustain will have a lot to do with the company's success in that particular market. Nowhere in that survey was a "global mindset" presented; success is about the competencies previously mentioned in this paper and it is about the partnerships that are developed.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Dr. Daniel Vasella has been CEO and chairman of Novartis, a global company worth $60 billion, for 17 years. In an interview with Forbes, Vasella -- clearly a successful global leader -- emphasized that leadership involves creating "…a compelling purpose… [and] articulate clear values and behaviors" (Cashman, 2013). Vasella insists that "…you must engage people, give direction and manage change" while simultaneously "…creating trust, being supportive, developing people" and being a competent communicator. A creative and visionary leader must understand the industry and must be inspirational, according to Vasella. Nowhere in the interview does Cashman discuss anything close to a "global mindset" albeit he's been involved in global management and leadership for 17 years.

In conclusion, Cohen's point about having a "global mindset" is important, especially for that leader whose company is just entering the international marketplace. However, suggesting strongly, as he does, that a global mindset is the most important -- or "key foundational factor" -- attribute for a successful overseas venture is putting all leadership eggs in one basket. It is not the most important attribute -- there are many strategic attributes needed -- and it appears that Cohen is beating his own drum while neglecting some of the other pivotal attributes that go into successful global leadership.


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