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Global Perspective: United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights

How do the principles of this declaration relate to the core value of community?

According to the core values of the community, the community is developed by using hospitable Christian learning communities everywhere. The core values foster a spirit of belonging, unity, and interdependence. They are based on mutual trust and respect of creating socially responsible environments challenging all the residents, to learn, change, and serve. Human dignity is a special entity that surrounds all the elements of the community. Within the human community, several activities and features bring about cohesive integration and togetherness. The core principles of the community are common and practiced everywhere where human interaction is allowable. The spiritual feeling and togetherness enhancing a soldiery unity, love, care, and responsiveness to one another support the principles. In order to be at the forefront of maintaining peaceful acceptances and existence with one another, the core values are geared at eradicating any form of human oppression, hurt, hate, malice, death, and many other vices in the society. The basic facet about the core values of the society is its attempts to foster togetherness and service to one another in all spheres. There is no comparison that is fostered without the essence of belongingness, unity, interdependence, mutual trust, and a challenging environment. The act of overcoming the daily challenges fosters the strong pillars that make the core values (Carbone and Teresa 67-80).

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights is one of the bodies that foster equal and related avenues of human existence and dominance in the world. The preamble aspect that leads to the stability of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights is established on the essence and rudimentary measures of the core values of the community. Therefore, the core values of the community are related and common to the general establishment and functionalism of the declaration in the society. The establishment of the declaration is sustained within the common social values that are thought to bring a positive difference to the life of the people. For instance, the preamble features of the declaration reiterate on the commonness and need for human rights body. Such a body is to be replaced with all the features that foster human togetherness and existence in the society. The core aim of the declaration is to eradicate any wrong behavior, actions, and intentions directed at all human nature in the world.

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights fosters for human equality and dignity in the society. This is what the core values of the community bases its rudimentary decisions and action of the people. Human dignity speaks everything as concerns human interaction with one another. The society is build with the notion and specification of respect for one another. The innate concern of the society is to foster equal and rudimentary foresight to all of the human generations in the world. From the article on the declaration, human goodwill and observance of dignity and human rights in the society must exist. Such connotations are a direct prescription of the core values of the community.

According to the assumptions of the declaration, all human beings have a right and dignity to be treated with respect and clear adoration. The specifications given by the core values of the society fosters for a spirited existence and disability of the human nature through the different approaches and connotations laid in the society. There are different mechanisms of balancing between the different measures of existence and the need to have a universal ground for the rule of human rights and freedom. The declaration fights to restore a universal observance and declaration of human dignity within a normalized avenue of existence and collaboration in the common society. There are many other features of human rights and existence that are fostered by the normalized body of the declaration.

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights fights to eradicate all forms of human vices and wrongful actions within the human nature. Since the body regards that every person in the world has the right to life, liberty, and security, it fights to eradicate slavery, servitude, and other forms of illegal trading that concerns human life and services in the society. The society in which humanity dwells is a common body that exists as a single element. The core values of the society and any other community do… [END OF PREVIEW]

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