Research Paper: Global Warming

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[. . .] (Kejriwal, 2010)

Furthermore, as the glaciers and other ice caps continue to melt, the world will get short on its fresh water reserves. The fresh water reserves are currently reducing as well. (Kejriwal, 2010)

Global Warming and International Economy

The global economy is also getting disturbed as a result of global warming. Firstly, global warming causes the cost of production in many countries to increase and thus the competitive advantage is lost by the whole world. The people get the goods at a higher price due to the increased cost of production. (Kejriwal, 2010)

In addition to that, the poorer countries are affected to a greater extent by the global warming. This is because of the fact that the poorer countries contribute less to the global warming but they have to pay the increased cost as well as they are dependent on the developed countries. Thus the balance is lost and the poor countries suffer. (Ackerman and Stanton, 2008)

The above mentioned effects of global warming require stringent steps to be taken all over the globe to reduce the impact of global warming on human beings and other living things. Careful strategies would be needed to stop the global warming and its dangerous effects.

Solutions to the Problems Created by Global Warming

Despite the fact that the effects of global warming are costly and dangerous, it is still in the hands of the human being to rectify their mistakes and reduce this problem.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Researchers Pacala and Socolow have found out in their research that an effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions would be to reduce them simultaneously in different regions rather than focusing on a single area. They also suggested different areas where we can focus to get the best possible results from our endeavor. Some of the areas mentioned by them are: energy efficient vehicles and appliances, alternate energy resources and storage of carbon dioxide underground. (Kejriwal, 2010)

They also suggested reforestation as a mean of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They gave immense importance to reforestation as it helps the rehabilitation of other wild animals as well. (Kejriwal, 2010)


Education is considered as the most importance shield against global warming. This is because education keeps people aware of different issues related to global warming. When people will be aware of global warming, its causes and effects, they will try to reduce it by rectifying themselves. They could take simple steps such as switching the light off when not in use or using energy efficient appliances in their homes. Reducing the amount of time that people spend on cars is another important step to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and indirectly global warming. (, n.d.)

Protecting and Preparing Against Global Warming

Another approach to annul the effects of global warming is to protect yourself against it. Local governments can identify the areas that are most vulnerable and can detect different diseases that are present in that area. (Knowlton, 2008)

The governments can also avert the calamities brought on them by global warming by making arrangements for the impacts of global warming in new and existing communities. The areas that are the most vulnerable should be given more priority. (Knowlton, 2008)

Moreover, the governments may also prepare health care providers to cater the needs of the people if the calamities brought by global warming get severe. (Knowlton, 2008)

On an individual basis, organizations should take initiative in anti-global warming steps. They should start reforestation on different levels and they may also start activities to make their employees aware of the impacts of global warming. (Mohr, 2005)


Global warming has become a problem nowadays for everyone who is aware of it. This problem started almost 7000 years ago when the ice age ended and is exacerbating since then. The impacts of global warming on the environment of the earth and thus on the people living in it are hazardous. Considering these impacts, we should take appropriate steps to reduce global warming for the good of our planet.


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