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The researchers tried to mimic a high level of exposure that humans might experience, and "found no statistically significant increases in any tumor type, including brain, liver, lung or kidney, compared to the control group" (Cell pp).

The common theory behind evolution is the idea that living things have come into existence through "unguided naturalistic processes starting from a primeval mass of subatomic particles and radiation, over approximately 20 billion years" (What pp). A more precise understanding of this statement divides the "atoms to people" transition into four realms: cosmology, abiogenesis, micro-evolution, and macro-evolution (What pp). The popular mechanisms for explaining micro-evolution are mutation and natural selection (What pp). Mutation are mistakes that are introduced into the genetic material used for reproduction that can occur, for example as a result of exposure to radiation (What pp). Naturally occurring mutations are very rare, and those that do occur usually have a negative effect, however, the occasional positive mutation, provides the "new material" for natural selection to operate on (What pp). Natural selection states that those individuals that posses some advantage in the environment are more likely to leave more offspring, thus increasing the probability of passing the advantage to future generations (What pp).

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In May 2005, a group of scientists who support the idea of intelligent design, told the Kansas State Board of Education that Darwinian theory relies too much on unproven reasoning, and the gaps in science leave open the possibility that a creator, or an unidentified designing mind is responsible for earthly development (Slevin pp). A Kansas City researcher said "educators who teach Darwinian evolution effectively introduce religion by rejecting the possibility that God created the universe and all living things" (Slevin pp).

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Although no one has found actual Martians wandering over the planet, many scientists believe that Mars is probably the best place to look for simpler forms of life, because of all the planets in the Solar System, Mars is the most similar to Earth (Science pp). Mars has a similar temperature, and although at present, it is too cold for liquid water to exist on the surface, the planet may have been warmer in the past (Science pp). Mars' atmosphere is much thinner than Earth's, and there is not much ozone to protect the planet from the Sun's harmful UV rays, yet the atmosphere may have been thicker millions of years ago (Science pp). Mars has a rocky surface, and on rocky planets, all the necessary chemicals for life can collect in one place, rather than floating freely through the atmosphere (Science pp). And Mars has polar ice caps, that expand and contract with the planet's seasons, and although the ice is mostly frozen carbon dioxide, there is probably water there too, thus, Mars could also have a water cycle (Science pp).

In 1996, NASA announced that they had found evidence of microscopic life in a Martian meteorite known as ALH84001 (Life pp). They had found what looked like fossilized bacteria as well as organic chemicals similar to those found when bacteria decay, however, many scientists remain unconvinced and the argument sill goes on as to whether these patterns were the result of contamination or are non-living mineral structures (Life pp). Thus, many scientists believe that NASA was premature in announcing that the meteorite contained proof of bacterial life on Mars (Life pp).

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