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[. . .] The United States has the funds necessary to alleviate some of the suffering caused by hurricanes like Sandy. However, Haiti does not. Another reason why global warming has a moral component is that people like Palmer and the energy tycoons are lying about it: raising a question about morality in business ethics. Finally, global warming and climate change are moral issues because the environment is a moral concern. The world around us has inherent value, and to deny global warming or work to hasten it are acts that can be considered ethical violations.

It is important to speak of climate change not just in terms of global warming, but in terms of more global and nuanced effects. As Silverstein, Silverstein, and Silverstein point out in the book Global Warming, "the effects on the climate would not be the same all over the world. That's because of the way wind and ocean currents move heat energy around the globe," (52). Therefore some regions might be cooling. The phenomenon could cause some detractors to show that global warming somehow does not exist, when in fact those cooling trends are part of the overall climate change pattern resulting from human activities.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Global Warming Formal Outline What Assignment

The various effects that global warming has on the environment, the economy, and the political dynamics around the world are cause for alarm. However, it is difficult to decide what to do about it. One of the most lasting effects of climate change is the challenge that all nations -- and organizations -- face, with regards to working together to come up with solutions that benefit all. Clearly, a greed-based approach to global warming is the antithesis of a good solution. Denying global warming is only going to perpetuate the problems that got the problem to the stage at which it is now. Intervention now is critical, to prevent the problem from getting worse. "Water scarcity and falling crop yields would exacerbate hunger and poverty," leading to major humanitarian disasters ("World Bank highlights global warming dangers"). Jacoby admits, "It's a substantial long-term social problem."

Coming up with solutions to global warming presents politicians, policy makers, scientists, and inventors with the greatest challenges of our generation. From a political and policy standpoint, it becomes necessary to investigate regulatory matters that might be necessary to curb the growth of businesses that are not committed to change. An other political outcome of the climate change crisis is the creation of new strategic alliances worldwide. These alliances will be economic as well as political, revealing the ways countries from disparate regions can work together. Climate change does not happen in small areas; it affects the entire globe. What a Chinese company does affects the air quality in Canada. Therefore, no one can assume all the blame, or accept all the responsibility for change. The politics of global warming also affect responses to natural disasters worldwide. It is the responsibility of countries like the Untied States to offer succor to countries like Haiti, which are unable to address the global warming crisis. From an economic standpoint, smart learning organizations can pick up the slack. By stimulating innovation with incentives for scientists to create new technologies and techniques to reduce greenhouse gas emissions -- or innovations that curb the problem -- companies can reap profits while at the same time helping stop climate change from becoming more disastrous than it is already.

(image from the National Climatic Data Center)

(image from National Climatic Data Center)


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