Global Warming the Growing Consensus Research Paper

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In fact, this is accurate. It is routinely warmer on a day-to-day basis now, according to Wagner (2012) than it was 30 years ago and at all points prior. One of the great samples of evidence that the industrialization of the 20th century is chiefly responsible for the rise in daily temperatures is the fact that the earth's temperature is consistently higher over the last three decades than it has been in the earth's observable history. According to Wagner, "the last month with a below-average temperature on Earth was February, 1985." (p. 1)

This trend is reflected in the map here below:

This contributes to yet a third consequence which is a great threat to the sustainability of human life. Namely, the continued and rapid melting of the polar ice caps is simultaneously altering temperatures and ecologies in the world's oceans but also causing a gradual rise in sea level that threatens to significantly diminish the inhabitability of many coastal areas over time. Again, evidence in places such as New Orleans, devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, suggests that this may already be occurring.


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Among the positive prospects regarding intervention with the effects of global warming, some scientists are cautiously optimistic that we have actually made some collective improvements over the last decade as a result of increased awareness of some of climate change's primary causes. Page (2012) tells that recent findings show the rise in annual temperatures has leveled out relative to the previous several decades. According to Page, "figures released by the UN's World Meteorological Organisation indicate that 2012 is set to be perhaps the ninth hottest globally since records began - but that planetary warming, which effectively stalled around 1998, has yet to resume at the levels seen in the 1980s and early 1990s." (Page, p. 1) One presumption is that the heightened emissions standards and most especially the elimination of aerosol containers using perfluorocarbons have helped to reduce the speed of climate change.

Research Paper on Global Warming the Growing Consensus Assignment

Still, it remains incumbent upon the world community to come together and establish an agreement that updates the Kyoto treaty and brings all industrial parties to the table on equal footing. As the article by Ritter denotes, our best prospects for addressing global climate change lay in the cooperation necessary to reduce abuses by industrialized nations and to provide the necessary support to developing nations. According to Ritter, current topics of importance in international global warming talks concern "how to help poor countries convert to cleaner energy sources and adapt to a shifting climate, as well as extending the expiring Kyoto Protocol, an agreement that limits the greenhouse emissions of industrialized countries." (Ritter, p. 1)


Ultimately, it is incumbent upon leaders in both the global community and in stalwart nations such as the U.S. And China to collaborate in achieving meaningful and lasting standards. However, it can be positively observed that with a growing consensus that global warming does indeed exist, the opportunity for recovery can begin in earnest.

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