Global Warming Is an Issue That Concerns Essay

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Global warming is an issue that concerns us all. It refers to the fact that the atmosphere is increasing in temperature. More correctly, global warming refers to the increase in the average temperature of both the atmosphere and oceans, which is continuing to increase. This also has the consequence that as the temperature increases so does the melting of the world's icecaps. This has as number of extremely serious implications for the entire planet.

Many people in different regions of the world have noticed that the seasons have changed and that some areas have prolonged dry periods often leading to famine, while other have excessive rainfall and floods compared to the past. These are signs of global warming and climate change. However, the most dangerous aspect of global warming is the increased carbon content in the atmosphere.

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In 2007 an eminent group of scientists convened to examine the issue of global warming. Before this meeting there had been much debate and uncertainty about this issue. There were many scientists who felt that global warming was a myth and not as serious as other scientists and pundits claimed. This debate was settled by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which established scientifically that global warming was a reality and that if nothing was done about reducing the causes of this phenomenon then it could become a very serious threat to human life on this planet. Therefore, understanding the causes of global warming presents new challenges to humanity that if not adequately met could endanger the future of the species.


There are many views and theories about the originating causes of global warming. One view that is generally accepted is known as the greenhouse effect. In essence this theory states that global warming is caused by the emission of generation of carbon dioxide. This is also conclusively linked to human causes or agencies.

TOPIC: Essay on Global Warming Is an Issue That Concerns Assignment

These emissions come from human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, for example oil and gas. This leads to the release of carbon into the atmosphere, which in turn results in increases in surface temperature by preventing the escape of heat from the sun.

There are many factors related to this view. One is the deforestation of many areas of the earth, such as the Amazon basin. Forests and foliage greatly reduce the negative effects of human carbon pollution and their decrease in the last few decades has exacerbated the problem. In essence nature is no longer able to balance or absorb the human generation of carbon dioxide.

The Effects of Global Warming

The effects of global warming are extremely disturbing. The worst case scenario from the point-of-view of some scientists is that millions of people will be adversely affected throughout the world if global warming is allowed to continue at its present rate. In the long-term many experts predict that global warming has the potential to destroy life on this planet.

Among the many more immediate considerations and dangers that face humanity are factors such as the danger of increases in infectious diseases, flooding as a result of increased sea levels, forced migration, famine and social unrest. Flooding and famine are also effects of global warming that have already occurred in regions of the world where the natural ecosystem and biological balance has been upset and in some cases destroyed.

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