Global Warming Is a Lie Abstract Term Paper

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Global Warming is a Lie

Abstract: Global warming is a falsehood, a lie, a fabrication, and

people like Al Gore should be held responsible for the fraud being

perpetrated on the public. Indeed, the public is being misled about the

dangers of global warming, according to numerous writers in this paper.

These essays and reports quote from numerous sources that are reportedly

valid and that show certain facts about global warming that are not often

seen in the mass media reports. Further, the paper points out that there is

no need for panic because the glaciers are melting, because this is a

naturally occurring phenomenon.

Introduction and Main Body of the Paper. According to Dr. Samuel C.

Gipp, Th.D. Writing in Bible Believers; he insists, "We don't have a

problem with 'Global Warming.' We have a problem with the loonies that are

claiming that it's bad."[1] Gipp says he has a solution for the "loonies"

that promote Global Warming as a fact, and that is building asylums in

Alaska. You have to realize, he goes on, "...that these people are mentally

ill, and the sooner we put them away, the sooner we can get on to 'This

bold new challenge facing us.'"

On another note, Gipp asserts that if Global Warming were actuallyDownload full Download Microsoft Word File
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true, there would be many positive affects for humans on the planet. One,

would be the addition of more land for people to live on ("Overpopulation

problem solved"); two, more fresh water; three, more land on which to grow

needed crops; four, the savings of fuel because of milder winters; five,

less sickness in the winter because of warming temperatures; six, more

Ultra Violet rays getting through to the surface of the earth ("UV kills

some bacteria"); and seven, longer summer tourist seasons ("More national


TOPIC: Term Paper on Global Warming Is a Lie Abstract: Global Assignment

The Gipp essay goes on to say that the goal of environmentalists is

not to "save the earth" but instead to "destroy the American economy." And

if indeed Global Warming was a true fact, Gipp adds, he looks forward to

seeing "...vast corn fields in Canada and Siberia" and also witnessing "San

Francisco being underwater!"

Meanwhile, author Joseph L. Bast, writing in the Heartland Institute's

publication Heartlander, explains that the scientific case "...against

catastrophic global warming"[2] is as strong as the case for continuing to

use DDT (which is banned in most countries, including the U.S.). Bast

believes that there are eight reasons why Global Warming science is

actually a "scam."

First, he writes, more than 17,000 scientists have signed a petition -

which has been circulated by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine -

that takes the following position: "There is no convincing scientific

evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse

gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic

heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate."

Secondly, Bast assures readers of his essay that the "most reliable"

scientific temperature data show "no Global Warming trend." Readings began

being taken 23 years ago by satellite show no warming trends, Bast goes on,

and those satellite readings are accurate to within 0.01(C. The only data

that shows warming trends come from land-based stations, and these stations

are not globally consistent, he explains.

Thirdly, the climate models that supposedly predict a disastrous

future due to Global Warming are "too crude" to be accurate, Bast writes;

further, those predictions are based on computer models, not on historical

data. He also insists that climate modelers deliberately tweak the

computers so the data that comes out will be "close to their designers'

expectations." Best quotes a journalist who writes for the journal Science

(Richard A. Kerr) as saying "...climate modelers have been 'cheating' for

so long it's almost become respectable."

Joseph Bast offers his fourth reason for rejecting Global Warming by

attacking the United Nations-led international scientific research

initiative, the "Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change" (IPCC). He

writes that the IPCC admits that the study of atmospheric dynamics is

"chaotic" and that even "small perturbations in initial conditions" can

send the data off the track. Therefore, he believes that the IPCC reports

are not reliable.

The fifth reason Bast presents to readers is based on his assertion

that there was a mild climate change during the Medieval Warm Period (about

800 to 1200 AD) during which time the Vikings settled in Greenland, which

is "presently inhospitable." So, he is saying there have been periods of

climate change before, and the world recovered and went back into a cooler


The sixth Bast assertion attacking those who support Global Warming is

that if, by the year 2012, the U.S. carbon dioxide emissions were reduced

by 7 percent below the levels seen in the 1990s, it would cause "higher

energy taxes." It would also force 2.4 million people from their jobs and

eliminate about $300 billion in annual U.S. economic output.

Number seven from Bast: state governments like New Jersey's - that

pass legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions - are a waste of time

and "destroy jobs and waste money." And the last Bast contention is that

"if the science becomes more compelling" in the future, then and only then

would it be prudent to invest in "atmospheric research" and make plans for

reducing emissions "only when such investments make economic sense in their

own right."

Another writer who finds Global Warming a false idea is Andrew G.

Marshall ("Global Warming: A Convenient Lie"), whose article appears in

Global Research. Marshall begins his essay by explaining that there are

warming trends currently throughout the Solar System; many astronomers, he

writes, believe that "Pluto has been experiencing global warming..."[3]

which may be a seasonal dynamic. Jupiter, too, along with Mars and

Neptune's largest moon, Triton, is experiencing a warming pattern. This

leads Marshall to believe that the sun may be hotter than it has been in

the past 1,000; hence it is a matter of an overheated sun, not man-made

greenhouse gases that cause the earth to heat up.

Marshall quotes Claude Allegre, whom Marshall calls "a leading French

scientist," warned of the dangers of Global Warming over 20 years ago. But

now, Marshall goes on, Allegre believes that "...increasing evidence

indicates that most of the warming comes from natural phenomena." And

Allegre insists that there is no justification for anyone saying at this

point that the "science is settled." All the talk about great danger and

looming disaster resulting from climate change is "bloated and highly

exaggerated," according to Marshall's paraphrasing of Allegre's work and


Another expert in the field that Marshall brings into his essay is

Nigel Calder, who is a former editor of New Scientist; writing in the UK

Sunday Times recently, Calder flatly stated that "When politicians and

journalists declare that the science of global warming is settled, they

show a regrettable ignorance about how science works." Calder also used a

juxtaposition to make his point, noting that journalists have a love affair

with headlines about "heat waves" but they conveniently ignore the past

winter's "billion-dollar loss of California crops" - which was due to a

unusual heavy frost. That story wound up in the business pages, Calder -

paraphrased and quoted in Marshall's piece - complained, while anything

about heat or climate change makes the front page, presumably because it is

more controversial and plays into the hands of the pro-Global Warming


Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth" is filled with "graphs and

charts" so it "must be true," Marshall writes, cryptically. But Marshall

goes on to say that Gore is not a Climatologist, or a meteorologist, or an

astronomer or "scientist of any kind" - he is a "politician."

Unfortunately, Marshall explains, because Gore won an Academy Award, he has

become popular and that popularity has "spiraled into massive push for

quick action and stifled debate." Gore's rising popularity has, Marshall

goes on, forced many scientists to speak out against Gore. A group of

scientists recently stated, Marshall insists, that there is so little

evidence to prove Global Warming that the whole concept is "a sham." He

doesn't name the scientists, but he goes on to say that the same "group of

scientists" believe "warmer periods of the Earth's history came around 800

years before rises in carbon dioxide levels."

Another point Marshall emphasizes is that of the 2,000 or so

scientists who have contributed to the IPCC reports there were scientists

who "disagreed with its findings" albeit their names were included with the

other scientists who agreed. Hence, the report is "a sham," Marshall

argues. The Washington Times published an article in 2007 that claimed

those who are skeptical of Global Warming are "treated like a pariah,"

Marshall goes on. And those same skeptical scientists are "increasingly

coming under attack" when they express their minority views on the subject;

in fact, one climatologist in Oregon was reportedly nearly "stripped of his

position" by the governor of Oregon for speaking out against the official

position that Global Warming… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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