Global Warming Research Paper

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Global Warming

Over the past few decades, scientific research has documented a gradual increase in the global temperatures attributable to increased release of heat trapping natural gases. From the ensuing debates, global warming is an increase in temperatures of the globe Gifford R., 2007.

This has occurred in the past years owing to increased human and natural activities. A consensus has however, not been arrived at as to the side that bears the most claim for realizing the heat trapping gases. This paper address both sides of the arguments presented in debates and discuss any measures human beings can take to stop Global Warming.

Signs of global warming are everywhere and, we cannot be afforded to ignore or overlook them. The choices humans make in reference to needs and desires affect us and the world alike. The relationship between nature and human behaviors contributing to global warming need ought to be clarified in order to arrive at sustainable levels of coexistence. The current harm done to the environment though irreversible it is curable. The urgent need is to identify those aspects that are within the control of humans and heal the earth preventing any substantial disaster.

Green house effect gases

Green house effect comes about as a result of five core factors namely; Carbon dioxide, Methane, Nitrous oxide, Chlorofluorocarbons and water vapor. Water vapor occurs as a natural process and, although it has no significant contribution towards global warming it plays a role to increasing global temperatures.

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Carbon dioxide is a minor component of the atmosphere but a plays a pivotal role in natural cleansing process. The processes that lead to release of Carbon into the universe is not harmful as far as there are counter measures to reabsorb it. Green house effect occurs when excess release of Carbon dioxide gas release exceeds atmosphere's capacity to clean it up. Methane is a hydrocarbon gas naturally produced and also through human activities.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Global Warming Over the Past Few Decades, Assignment

Methane has a severe capacity to bring about the green house effect compared to carbon on a molecular basis. A molecule of Methane has more potential to trap radiated heat than carbon dioxide. Nitrous occurs on the earth's atmosphere following cultivation practices involving the use of industrial fertilizers, growth of nitric acid producing plants and burning fossil fuels. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are a synthetic compound produced from industrial process. There are regulations by the international community against its production owing to the destruction it does to the Ozone layer.

Human Causes of Global Warming

Among the factors that have come out as causes of global warming include green house gases brought about by human activities.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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