Global Warming Theory: An Exploration Essay

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Global Warming Theory: An Exploration

As a scientific concept, global warming has both proponents and disbelievers. The evidence, which can often be construed one way or another, points to the fact that pollutants have a negative impact on the environment, and that these pollutants have begun to cause a massive global weather shift. As far as a theory goes, global warming has many implications for humans in every society. If proven true, it would represent one of the largest climatic changes in the history of mankind. Depending on their viewpoints, many scientists argue either for or against this theory, with evidence existing to back both perspectives. There is evidence that points to humans causing the warming trend which cannot be denied or explained away as a natural and cyclical change in the Earth's climate.

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Global warming, as a theory, has existed for decades. But the scientific evidence supporting it is relatively inconclusive, as far as climate change goes. Over millions of years, the planet Earth has entered cooling and warming cycles. This is evidenced through geologic studies and conclusions from many of the world's leading scientists. Currently, the Earth is due for a warming period since the last ice age occurred over 10,000 years ago. These cycles tend to occur on a relatively consistent basis, signaling warming ad cooling trends quite regularly. According to author Chris Moony (2008), the Earth has just begun to enter its latest warming cycle, spurred by solar activity and other environmental changes. This, according to Mooney, is responsible for the latest changes in climate, including the melting of much of the Polar Regions as well as glaciers worldwide. It is also nothing to be alarmed about, since it is part of a natural process that occurs every so often. This global warming trend can account for the rise in global storms and hurricanes that has been experienced over the past two decades as well as the warming trend that has affected the Earth over the same time period.

Essay on Global Warming Theory: An Exploration as a Assignment

The same scientists that argue against the general theory of global warming argue that humans have not had a serious effect on the atmosphere at any time in history, and that the effects humans could present to the Earth are not potentially dangerous (Singer and Avery, 2007). Authors Singer and Avery argue for a cyclical warming and cooling trend that can help explain the Earth's atmosphere and behavior of the ice sheets and glaciers worldwide. In Singer and Avery's (2007) view, this warming and cooling process is natural, and there is evidence of it within the ice samples taken by scientific expeditions to the Polar Regions. In his book, Singer and Avery (2007) offer some alternative explanations to the familiar theory… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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