global water crisis and problems Research Paper

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If water resources become scarcer, and they already are, then water-rich nations will become the targets of water-poor nations. Access to water has already been the root cause of conflicts around the world. For example, the core reason why China has behaved aggressively to gain control of the autonomous region of Tibet is because of access to water; the Tibetan plateau is the source of the region's rivers ("Water Security and Environmental Management on the Tibetan Plateau"). The global water crisis, which is affecting Americans as well as people from around the world, can also threaten to cause massive humanitarian crises beyond the immediate need for drinking water. For example, drought conditions might displace people and cause conflicts over land as well as water resources. The film Flow also shows how agriculture uses the vast majority of the world's water, and that something must be done to quell the tides of despair creeping throughout the world that does not have access to clean drinking water.

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It is critical to envision solutions to the impending water crisis. Water rich countries like Canada need also to strategically develop a national security and water use policy to prevent nations like the United States from impeding its sovereignty. Countries experiencing the worst of the water crises need to stand up to the neoliberal policies that are putting profitability above people, allowing companies to bottle drinking water and sell it. Instead, water should be viewed as something that cannot be bought and sold until all people have the basic minimum of their needs met.

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Research Paper on global water crisis and problems Assignment

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