Research Proposal: Global Website Strategy in an International Business

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Global Website Strategy in an International Business

Assessment of Case Study Global Website Strategy in an International Business


Case Overview


Analysis of Alternatives

Case Overview

The case commences at the premises that customers' perceptions of the internet have suffered modifications and that companies must adjust their marketing campaigns in order to remain competitive and continually respond to the changing needs of clients

The means by which the assessed company will make this transition is that of unifying its website

Case Overview (Continued)

Throughout its existence, Entrystop has undergone numerous processes of organizational change, which have strengthened its structure, role and position

They are about to embark on a new change process to better adapt to the current conditions within the market and the industry

Case Overview (Continued)

Entrystop manufactures and commercializes two main brands -- Firesec and Comsec

The first stands for fire safety and the second represents products manufactured and services delivered to ensure security

The process of website unification is applicable for the Comsec division

The benefits expected as a result of website unification include lower costs and better access to larger markets

2. The Problem

Entrystop does not currently possess an adequate website to centralize the information on its companies, products and services

Firesec, Comsec and their affiliates all possess more than 100 individual websites which offer detailed information on the products and services they offer

2. The Problem (Continued)

The information contained in the over 100 websites is often redundant

The quality of the numerous websites is not always adequate for a professional organization

2. Implications of the Problem

Comsec, and through it, Entrystop, lose money and customers due to the inefficiency of their online operations

The number of attracted customers online is generally low

The reputation of the company is negatively affected

The competitive position is also negatively impacted

3. Alternative Solutions

There are three main ways in which the company could address the issue

Integrate all of Firesec and Comsec's websites

Unify only the individual websites which are affiliated, such as Firesec and its affiliates separately and Comsec and its affiliates separately

Do not unify any websites

4. Analysis of Alternatives

The next slides will separately identify the shortages and benefits associated with each of the previously identified potential solutions

4.1.1. Overall Website Unification - Advantages

It would strengthen and consolidate the reputation of the entire company

It would centralize the information

It would create customer satisfaction as a single website would offer all the necessary information

4.1.2. Overall Website Unification - Disadvantages

Such an endeavor is far too complex

It would require large amounts of time

It would imply large financial costs

It is highly… [END OF PREVIEW]

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