Globalization Affecting Children Essay

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¶ … globalization has had a strong influence on the world as a whole in recent years. While adults tend to be better prepared in dealing with its effects as a result of focusing on preserving traditional values, children have trouble doing so and become confused as they struggle to find a personal identity. Ross a. Thompson's article is meant to provide readers with a more complex understanding concerning how globalization affects children's development in society as a whole and in Third World Countries in particular. The writer intends to raise public awareness in order to have the social order become actively involved in making globalization have as little side effects as possible.

"The Intersection of Individual Development and Social Change"

This section is meant to emphasize that globalization has both a direct and indirect influence on children's development by changing their social values and by making it possible for them to interact with individuals who come from a different culture. Children are most affected while at home or while at school, as these two environments practically bombard them with information that they have a limited understanding of.

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Older members within a community are unable to properly filter information they receive as a result of globalization. While has a limited impact on their perception of the concept, conditions are more worrying when considering children they interact with. These children are provided with information that they are unable to understand and end up either being confused or coming to believe in values that they should not be actually interested in.

It is essential for someone to have the previously mentioned ideas in mind when dealing with a situation involving a child and his or her attempt to get a better comprehension of globalization. The points make it possible for people to understand that it is also important for them to focus on other bodies in order to learn more about children's development and how it is affected by globalization.

"Changes in the Everyday Lives of Children"

TOPIC: Essay on Globalization Affecting Children Assignment

This part of the article attempts to demonstrate that children experience both negative and positive results as a result of being affected by globalization. Ecologies play an important role at this point, taking into account that they experience much change and practically make it impossible for children to refrain from being affected. Depending on their age children can be more or less influenced and are likely to display more severe problems if they are younger.

The environments that they live in are also essential because children who have access to technology and education can filter information in order to be able to learn things that actually matter. In contrast, children who live in underprivileged environments are less probable to be able to understand why it would be wrong for them to abandon particular cultural values in order to embrace values that they think are going to assist them significantly.

"Child Impact Studies"

This point deals with strategies that people can use in order to be able to see exactly how children in a particular environment are affected by the globalization process. Food is especially important because children have the tendency to abandon interest in traditional foods as they are provided with the opportunity to try new foods that they typically associate with the developed world.

Information concerning children and how their development is affected as globalization progresses can be found in a series of places throughout society. Institutions such as UNICEF have devised data sets that can provide important information concerning how children are… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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