Globalization and Culture Thesis

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(Lieber and Weisberg, 2002, paraphrased) American is not only a point of origin according to Lieber and Weisberg but as well, it is a style. (Lieber and Weisberg, 2002) Cultural anxiety and turmoil are both a result of globalization and American primacy and this is witnessed differently in terms of outcomes in the West and in other modern societies when compared to developing countries and most particularly Muslim countries. Cultural anxiety and turmoil are stated to be a result of "two related but distinct phenomena: (1) material and economic effects of globalization and modernity; and (2) Western values which are "more tangible but often more profound in its impact. Included are such as "scientific reasoning, secularism, religious toleration, individualism, freedom of expression, political pluralism, and the rule of law, equal rights for women and minorities, and openness to change." (Lieber and Weisberg, 2002, p. 277) The resolution of problems relating to culture are more difficult that resolution of issues on globalization including economies of trade problems, aid, investment and poverty." (Lieber and Weisberg, 2002, p. 279) Violence is greatly embraced by many societies and America becomes the focal point for the Muslim society who in reality has not America as the oppressor but Arab nations and just as violence is avoided by the culture in America arising from the culture of the Muslim countries is violence that comes from within rather than from without. Globalization then has removed barriers and set in place other barriers. Globalization is viewed by many cultures as Americanization since the American culture is so pervasive across the entire globe in terms of the popularity of American music, American food, and dress and the growing base of individuals who speak the English language. Therefore, cultures that resist globalization somehow formulate the American influence as being something evil and something to be resisted and even to blame for the changes taking place in their world and in their culture. Because the Muslim culture is greatly affected by the domination of the Arab culture in their area of the world the Muslim society strikes out and because of the primacy of the American culture, which is all pervasive somehow a shift has occurred blaming America for the oppression that has, been inflicted upon them by the Arab world. This is because America stands out clearly as an icon of global power and dominance. Irrational fear and hatred of the unknown is not only present in the Muslim society but is also very much present in the Western society and the only way that this fear can be alleviated is for opposing cultures to allow one another to embrace their own cultural without fear, admonition or pressure for change . The Muslim society is just as resistant to change and in fact more resistant to change that the American society. Furthermore, since American is viewed as possessing a high level of global primacy, the Muslim culture has chosen the world leader to be the country upon whom the blame is placed for globalization and the ongoing onslaught of the globalized society to enter into and bring about changes in the lives of Muslim individuals. These barriers can only be crossed if both societies put aside fear-based policies, actions and interactions and allow the other culture the self-same validity that each holds for its own culture externally and internally.


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Appiah, K.A. (2006). Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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