Globalization in the Developed World, Societies Term Paper

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In the developed world, societies have moved toward globalization in a number of significant ways. No longer can countries expect to live free from the influence of other populations around the globe, instead a steady amalgamation of politics, economies and cultures around the world are forcing resources, technologies and people into an interdependent matrix. While many countries acquiesce to this globalization trend, other countries resist the change and react in desperate and sometimes violent ways. An examination of the effects of political, economic and cultural globalization reveals the direction in which the planet is moving, and yet it is difficult to ignore the substantial resistance that is being displayed in certain corners of the planet.

Political Globalization

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The idea of globalization in the realm of politics has been an inevitability since mankind built boats and began exploring new lands. However, in the twentieth century, political globalization took on even greater import as a result of the cold war in which Soviet nuclear power threatened virtually every life on the planet and Soviet expansionism threatened Western European democracies. In the end, "military power coupled with creative political decisions... prevented communist regimes from coming to power in Western Europe." (Applebaum 19) Still, in spite of the victory over Soviet fascism and aggression, other nations have become more advanced and have increased their ability to project political power by means of influence and very often by force. This development has caused many in the world community to recognize the importance of working together and to create multi-lateral strategies that help secure the peace.

Term Paper on Globalization in the Developed World, Societies Have Assignment

The idea of global politics does not have universal appeal. In fact, the notion of interference in regional political matters often raises as much ire toward the interfering party as it has on the aggressive party. Chinese, Russian and U.S. hegemony in their respective regions have all been forced to alter the ways in which they respond to problems in their former locus of authority. This fact was no more poignant than the recent Ukrainian elections which forced Russia to recognize its weakening influence in the region.

We cannot accept this result," said Secretary of State Colin Powell. European leaders were no less blunt; their chief observer likened the vote as the sort that would be held in North Korea. (Meyer et al. 30)

In spite of Russian leader Vladimir Putin's statements about the fairness and accuracy of the election, the vote was ultimately nullified by the Ukrainian Supreme Court and the world.

Economic Globalization

For many people in impoverished countries, the impact of a global economy is substantially positive in spite of the negative effects that it can have on their local environments. The world has a massive inequality of income which in many ways is being reduced by an economy that has fewer and fewer boundaries.

A what matters most about economic globalization thus far is its role in the spread of industrialization throughout populous poor regions of the world. (Firebaugh and Goesling 283)… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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