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" Further, the IMF writers assert that if "well-targeted social expenditure" is pursued, "then there is a better chance that growth will be amplified into more rapid poverty reduction."

Indeed, the IMF continues in its rosy description of just how poor countries can place themselves in position to benefit from globalization -- if they would just promote "pro-poor policies that are properly budgeted -- including health, education, and strong social safety nets. A participatory approach, including consultation with civil society, will add greatly to their chances of success." However, the IMF article fails to acknowledge its role in many of these nation's inability to do just the things they recommend -- after all, in imposing its will on these countries, essentially in dictating their road to globalization for them, many of these countries are unable to attain a strong enough domestic footing to even begin the journey -- note Argentina, for example -- crippled under the recommendations and austerity programs of outside interests -- all undermining the political, welfare, and social stability of the country -- the very things necessary to allow the poor to rise above their misery.

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Unfortunately, the IMF does little to buoy its position as a leader of the "good," trend of globalization. As Stiglitz points out, the truly poor nations are unlikely to benefit from the globalization the IMF touts. Instead, unable to determine and advance their own interests, they will continue to be at the mercy of organizations like the IMF, and the other "strong men" representatives of the special interests of the "super power" economies.

Although the IMF attempts to obscure this fact, Stiglitz correctly points out what the IMF cannot hide, in spite of its effort -- globalism benefits the few, and the rest are doomed to suffer the consequences.


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IMF. (2002). "Globalism: Threat or Opportunity?" IMF Issues Briefs. Retrieved from Web site on April 10, 2004 [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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