Globalization Risks Essay

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Again, this has a lot to do with the design of the system.

The fact that so many problems with globalization can be traced to design and implementation rightly draws people to evaluate whether globalization has any merit at all. Technological advances would have happened anyway, albeit at a slower pace. A slower pace might have given us time to get it right. A slower pace would have allowed many of these problems to be identified, and solutions found. More interests could have been heard at the bargaining table; instead only those who seized the opportunity and moved quickly have their interest recognized. Is there a better system? Closed systems stifled the sort of growth that improves quality of lives -- that was most of human existence. Poor countries would still be poor, so on that point globalization looks like a win because rich and middle income countries at least are much better off. But of course that does not tell the whole story because the costs of globalization are not all known, and it appears that they are quite significant, and will be paid by all.


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The accounting with respect to globalization takes two views. The first is that we have to examine the world without globalization, in which case the system looks good -- there are fewer people as a percentage living in abject poverty today than there used to be. Poverty is a baseline condition -- if we don't build a world without it, we live in poverty. So in that respect, lifting billions out of poverty is a big success for globalization, and it was never going to immediately lift everybody out of poverty, especially in the poorest parts of the world with their unsustainable population growth. Knowing that we are bringing about environmental catastrophe to achieve these positives should give us cause to think, however, because if climate change is as strongly negative as it is believed to be, the final accounting on globalization might not look nearly as good in the future as it does now.

Essay on Globalization Risks Assignment

The other way to look at globalization is whether it could have been done differently. The technological drivers of globalization were inevitable, but the human drivers -- the institutions in particular -- were not. We made those, and we used them to achieve a higher level of globalization than we otherwise would have. The problem with this is that we knew all along that there were huge costs to pay. The environmental degradation and income inequality could have been avoided had the process been implemented more slowly, and with more input from more stakeholders. Even if the idea of globalization as a whole is not bad, the way that we have imagined it has been. And ultimately, our failure with respect to the things we can control -- the environmental problems and the social problems -- looks like it is going to outweigh the benefits of globalization. We are creating a high level of human misery, much higher than we needed to, and because we have failed so badly, we need to consider taking a step back, and at the very least rethinking globalization so that it has a net benefit to humanity, because right now that is not the direction in which it is going.


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