Term Paper: Globalization and Western Imperialism

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[. . .] (Barlow and Clake, 66)

It was in the early 1900's that a very huge distinct change was seen in the internal compromise of the global economic and political management of the various global institutions and also the most string players. This particular model was called 'neo-liberalism' or also the 'Washington Consensus', called so by the economist John Williamson in 1989 in order to explain a ten policy recommendation that was formed keeping in mind the structural changes that would have to be made all over the world. But at the 'end of history' it was the dominance of the neo-liberal modification of globalization that did not last for long. A lot of happenings in the 1990's saw to it that both the ideologies and the theoretical upbringings of the Washington consensus and also its political base of support. It was globalization and the erosion of the national sovereignty that actually gained all the public reaction and the influence and lack of accountability of the global corporations.

It was this movement that went further and led a movement against the global economic governance. Then later in the Asian Crisis of 1997, which was caused because of excessive liberalization of financial markets and also the provoked by the IMF, was one of the most significant events to occur in the neo-liberal theory. But later the Mexico peso crisis that occurred in 1994 and the changes that demolished the market reform in Russia, was on the major causes to bring about doubts in the minds of the citizens. By into the 1900s liberalization was thought of as more a free market situation by many economists like Krugman, Bhagwati and other important practitioners like George Soros. It was the Neo-liberal hubris that actually started off the points of doubt in the minds of many individuals as to the actual problem of the liberalized capital market. (Waters, 37)

Political oppression also increased as the doubts increased. This led to firms having to reduce their number of workers, corporate restructuring, privatization, workers rights being exploited and also a vivid change in the production and supply of the labor movements in both the North and the South region. Moreover, global warming, the inevitable growth and also the constant reduction of resources led to most environmentalist protesting against it and also was seen to as a threat for their trade rules by the WTO. An example is that when four Asian nations questioned the sense of the U.S. Endangered Species Act in which they stated that they should not kill prawns to save the lives of the sea turtles. It was the rapid change of the nation-state and democratic situations that actually ultimately led to state development and also in certain ways even political rights. The level of corporate power that was constantly increasing along with the increase in social inequality has currently left nothing to venture in for. It is structural adjustment programs and also the fastly growing southern marginalisation and the inequality in the society and also some of the political parties in the developing world.

Harris, 757)

To think that imperialism is the purposeful attempt of the Western nations to find their hold upon the mass media of the other nations would not be very far from the mark, but how true this is cannot be really judged. (McLuhan, 17) But there are certain obvious rewards that can be gained with this methodology; one of them being that new markets are created for the western products and also that there is more chance for laborers to find work. Also most of the western nations, half changed their perspective from labor to service and information too in the past few couple of years. (Clarkson, 21) Because of this it has become very important to see to the development of information and communication technology. This brings about the need to have economic expansion and also to have constant data and communication flow. On analyzing in this perspective we can see that it is not very difficult to actually these imperialistic ideas into capitalistic ones and also the laws that rule over them. The introduction of the Transnational Corporations (TNC's) was the first new technique introduced as to how to handle the new way of business and by this the business firms would no longer need to think that they couldn't venture beyond their geographic borders. They could venture into any part of the world and also such sort of diverse thoughts allows the concept of globalization to increase with the help of advertisement.

From the time when Western Imperialism was introduced, western globalization has also increased drastically and has also given major drastic results. This has led to the fact that the ideologies that were followed in the western nations like America and England are the ones that needed to be followed by others. Which actually went to state that if an individual wanted to export their product in the United States he would have firstly sell only those products that are in demand in the States and also to be allowed to sell their shall have to be in the good books of the Government of America. But if your product is something that is of great demand in the nation then government can be left behind and only the trade rules need to be followed, like for example oil. As noticed so far the best way to actually keep the government of the United States is happy is to permit them to export as much goods into your own country. This on analysis shall bring to top the fact that it not the western ideas or the products that are actually the cause behind all this, but the ideologies behind all this that go to state that all products need to dumped in to the eastern nations by the western ones. (McBride and Wiseman, 45)

This brings to question ourselves that when we actually asks the individuals in the eastern region if they prefer Taco Bell or MacDonald's, we are actually leaving them with no option but to chose either of them. In certain countries where it is primarily difficult to actually difficult to have any sort of freedom like Nigeria such an option given there would leave them with no option but choose something that was hinder their way of life. Frankly, thinking none of us basically have a carve for hamburgers or French fries but we are forced to consume these as it is made a part of our life by the manufacturer who makes it our vital consumption in our daily life. Most of the people in the East are saying no to the concept of having Westerners, come into their nation and change their land. They know that this change will bring about the degradation of a number of nations. A lot of governing bodies like the World Bank and the IMF even tried to control this development and mould it to fit the standards of the western civilization. When the Canadian Department of Communication conducted a study, they concluded that the information revolution would prevent the national sovereignty of a nation from being eroding and promoted the development of multi-national corporations. (Watson, 72)

It is fact that Globalization actually discomforts a lot of developing countries forcing them to be a part of a group of countries that need to sell goods cheaper than the rest of the others. They are most frequently forced to forget their internal demands in the nation and are forced to slave drive to the western nations. The biggest concern of these nations is when they feel that the other nation has imperialist attitudes. At present there are five different areas of control that suggest the idea of imperialism. They would be efforts to try and control and manipulate their communication and data flow system, and if properly examined globalization at least has an affect to conjure cultural imperialism. The major information that is conveyed between various nations usually is done through TNC's, synchronizing and sustaining control over the various branches of the organization and also the data that is being transmitted, like the raw materials supply, inventory, pricing, labor policies and tax matters. The above are of utmost importance to a nation and it is the TNC's that actually make all the decisions not concerned as to how they would be affecting the citizens in the nations but only bothered about their own priorities, and the worst fact being that the national authorities would know about this decisions. (Barlow and Clake, 66)

The process by which the satellites in the orbit are able to map out the terrain to help us to identify the hidden resources and also the potential physical trouble spots is called as Remote Sensing. Currently… [END OF PREVIEW]

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