Term Paper: GMO Genetically Modified Organisms

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GMO - Genetically Modified Organisms

Genetically modified organisms are organisms of which the genome is altered through genetic engineering. In other words, the DNA from an organism is modified in a laboratory, and then inserted into another organism's genome for the purpose of producing traits or phenotypes that would be useful in the new organism. This technology has been used on life forms for decades, but the area in which it is still the most controversial is food. In addition to the ethics, conservation, and poverty reduction issues, concerns raised regarding this technology revolve around human and environmental safety.

Proponents of the technology hold that there is no danger for any age group in genetically modified foods. Indeed, the beneficial and longer-lasting properties created in these foods are seen as optimal for human food supply and safety. Opponents however hold that there is no way in which unforeseen consequences of genetically modified foods can be estimated. A strain of corn developed via… [END OF PREVIEW]

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