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In reality, the polemicists provided an extremely distorted image of Gnosticism since they also regarded Christ as a savior rom ignorance "that must be enlightened with true teaching" (King 27). They asserted that their interpretations were also based on apostolic traditions, while some even believed that salvation would be universal in the end, without any Last Judgment or separation between the saved and the damned. This was the message of the Gnostic Apocryphon of John, for example.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Gnosticism Early Christian Polemicists Such Assignment

In the first three centuries, Christianity began to separate from Judaism while also selectively incorporating the Jewish Scriptures and laws that it regarded as most useful, as is clear from the Didache. It did not accept the Gnostic argument that the creator mentioned in Genesis was a lesser or evil being compared to the True God, although a constant tension between the material and the physical worlds has always run through Christianity, as well as its understanding of Christ's nature. Although early Christians rejected the pagan Greco-Roman gods and the cults of the Roman god-emperors, Platonic or Gnostic dualism was a far more difficult problem and Christianity was always in danger of veering off to one side or the other. These disputes continued until the church councils at Nicea and Chaldedon finally defined Jesus as fully divine and fully human, but the opportunities for dialectic tension were virtually endless. Gnostic Christians also seem more prepared to reject more of the Jewish Scriptures and tradition than the 'orthodox' or 'catholic' variety, who regarded Judaism and having been replaced by the New Covenant. At the same time, they required the prestige of the ancient Jewish traditions and Scriptures, and therefore defined these as having…
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