Goal Statement for Graduate School Term Paper

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Goal Statement for Graduate School

Furthering my study by obtaining a graduate degree in early childhood education is a goal that I wish to pursue and attain in my quest of becoming a good, responsible, and effective early childhood education teacher. Although obtaining a graduate degree was not in my plan when I started my college study then, it soon however had been a passion for me to learn more, experience more, and perhaps specialize in early childhood education. This passion started when I came to gain different theoretical and practical understanding on how to nurture the learning process of children, as well as when I learned about the many methods that may be applied to provide excellent support to the development process of children. I am touched by the fact that the future of a child does not only depend from his parents as his first teacher, but similarly depends from how he is nurtured by his early childhood teacher. Hence, I aspire to provide the best learning experience to children.

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I have several goals and objectives that I wish to achieve and attain within my experience in the graduate program in Early Childhood Education. First of all, I want to be prepared in performing my responsibilities as an early childhood teacher. I want to learn the necessary skills and strategy-development principles on how to facilitate the intellectual and moral development of children. I believe that a good learning experience of a child in his early education, both in terms of intellectual learning and moral development, can help him establish in the future a good perspective on the importance of education.

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