Hypothesis Chapter: Goals Related

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[. . .] I can also use the Grow and Well Done approach of the performance management system where the Grow model helps the nurse visualize where he wants be and the Well Done approach compliments him for reaching it.

When leaders or managers are planning to manage change, there are five key principles that need to be kept in mind:

1. Different people react differently to change

2. Everyone has fundamental needs that have to be met

3. Change often involves a loss, and people go through the "loss curve"

4. Expectations need to be managed realistically

5. Fears have to be dealt with Many of the patients -- if not all -- go through some sort of change in their alignment to illness and their struggles to accept and overcome it (as well as to work through some sort of treatment plan). My recognition of these principles as well as my enabling patients to work through these changes will make me into a more effective nurse.

Change occurs not only in a patient-driven context but in other aspects of nursing too, specifically in a collegiate environment. Given the different characteristics of the various individuals and the huge amount of stress that nurses' encounter, team conflict is usual and predictable. The challenge lies in dealing with it. The best thing to do is to adopt a proper conflict resolution strategy, which may involve speaking to the other party directly in an empathic manner, listening to their reason for conduct, and trying to plumb to the context of why they are thinking and behaving the way that they did. If it were more than one person, sitting around the table amongst themselves and discussing is another option, or bringing in a professional to help the parties work through their various problems. This can be done via mediation where a simple win-win situation is worked at with the two teams brought to perceive and acknowledge the other's potion or it may mean, to the extreme, arbitration where a decision from an external source is brought in. The most important thing is dealing with the other in a dignified, respectful way, and allowing the other party to air his concerns

In conclusion I have learned that managerial tools such as change theory, quality improvement processes, budget analyses, strategic planning and performance appraisal are crucial to the baccalaureate educational experience. It is only when all are consolidated in one while that we can hope to make our nursing profession into a more enlightened, effective enterprise as outlined by the Center to Champion Nursing in America. Practicing these goals will not only enhance the nursing experience for both patients and nurses but will also prove cost-effective since there will be less wastage and les money invested in correcting and implementing errors. Rational management decisions are therefore supremely important. Gaining this knowledge has made me realize the need for critical thinking and constant personality improvement in all aspects of nursing. I didn't need to so much rethink my goals as much as enhance and add to them. Mostly I learned that nursing extends to beyond profession or mere practicum. It necessitates a whole upheaval of my personality and intensive ongoing research in nursing as a field in general and in all related matters in particular. Nursing involves working on myself.


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