God Describe an Experience Essay

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These gifts of God in which pain and suffering seems inevitable, are probably most likely part of the mystery of life that is assumed when dealing with the spirit and spiritual matters.

Regardless of Barth or Haight, faith seems dependent upon trust. Trust relies on mystery to give it context and purpose. Faith is a function and system of trust, but trust would not be needed if there were no mystery. God is our symbol to recognize this mystery. Symbols are metaphors to explain the necessary confusion that brings knowledge.

1. Discuss Haight's understanding of the nature of scripture and its use in theology. In what ways does this understanding cohere with the understanding of revelation and faith contained in his text The Dynamics of Theology and Dei Verbum?

Scripture and the written word are tools of man and man alone. The same may be said about spirituality and religion. Do animals recognize Christ in all his goodness? It is unlikely that they recognized Him in the same manner that humanity has come to grips with this colossal mental undertaking. Faith, in my opinion is demonstrated and celebrated through the revelation of God through the written and spoken word. It is important that we select our words carefully and with kindness and with foresight.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on God Describe an Experience of Assignment

The nature of Scripture and its use in theology is an engrossing subject that can be interpreted in many ways, so a relative interpretation of spirituality must be respected. Contained within the dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation within the Catholic traditions, revelation is explained through the words of interpreters dedicated to the revelations of the Catholic traditions. The words themselves are sacred and divine inspiration and interpretation is actually a manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Schaab's Exploration into God reverberated Haight's interpretation of symbolism for God, " theology quite literally, the study of God is essentially an exploitation into the mystery of God into the mystery of those things which God created into which God is related namely the natural world " (p.1) . Mysteries and symbols are interchangeable in my opinion and this is an agreement to which all those who approach the subject of God must understand before continuing further.

How is revelation interpreted relatively? Word's often inspire believers into action. Sometimes, actions inspire believers to create words. Literal interpretations of God are merely actions of divine inspiration. Understanding that the subtle matter that lies within all living matter can also be interpreted as god or deity. It is only when one creates a symbolic interpretation through myth and symbolism, that should be accepted in all forms, does meaning become attached to the material actions. Then, it is possible for God to become aware in the consciousness of those who have seen the message revealed.

Haight explained symbolism as something through which something other than itself is made present through which all experiences with God and talking about God is meditated (p.130). God is therefore a symbol of the history of life. Christ further enriches this symbol as a human manifestation, who once lived and breathed on earth, yet still represented the essential providence of the greater God. He was human and God at the same time, symbolically and in other interpretations as well. To me, this is the ultimate revelation, understanding that the divine spirit lives within each and every one of us. This divine spirit should be fostered and shared with one another to create greater understanding and greater sympathy and empathy towards all living beings. The gifts of God will then be celebrated and understood as something that transcends the material world into the mystery unconscious being that rests within all of us.


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