Term Paper: God's Existence Can Be Demonstrated

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God's Existence Can Be Demonstrated

Proof of God's Existence

Proof of God's existence can be found in various proofs presented by many major names in philosophy. Of course the arguments against God's existence are just as profound. Here I will be presenting an extremely brief overview of the arguments both for and against the existence of God.

Major philosophical figures have consistently contradicted each other when it comes to the existence of God. Their positions often depend on their own spiritual positions at the time. One major problem is the supernatural aspects of God, which does not lend itself to empirical evidence. However, Karl Popper determined that this is precisely what makes his existence undeniable, or a non-falsifiable hypothesis, by virtue of it not being refutable by scientific methods. Pascal points out that, because of this lack of attainable proof, belief is a gamble, but one in which belief has the winning hand. Kant concentrated on morality and the idea that if human beings are able to develop moral ideals, it would be quite rational for there to be a God to base these morals on. He asserts that faith is consistent with his categorical imperative. Kierkegaard agrees with Kant on this topic and further asserts that, though God cannot be found through reason, reason has no place in faith because God is beyond reason (Craig 29; Jeff 41).

Three traditional proofs of God's existence are: The argument from Design, the cosmological argument, and the ontological argument. The argument from Design states that the intricate mechanism of the universe could not have come about through mere chance, therefore God must have designed it. The ontological argument states that, since God is perfect, then he must exist since he is the culmination of all perfection and if he did not exist then he would not be perfect. Therefore his perfection alone indicates his existence. The cosmological argument states that everything in existence has a cause, but there must have been in initial cause to create all the other causes. That initial cause is God (Craig 27).

Arguments against the existence of God are certainly just as… [END OF PREVIEW]

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